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How and when do I add a scent to a homemade candle?

I have Benn Making Scented candles, The problem is when I burn them there is no scent. What am I doing wrong? Is their a certain temperature I add the scent at? What... See more

How do I cover a desktop with Mod Podge?

How do I cover a desktop with Hodge podge

How can one get rid of woodpeckers pecking at ones house siding?

My friend has had a lot of damage to one side of her house from woodpeckers. She is having someone come out to fix the damaged areas, but I think she needs to know... See more

Why are the small coconuts falling off the trees?

The small and some half grown coconuts are falling off the trees. Why is this and how do I prevent it?

Reglaze a bathtub?

I attempted the repaint /reglaze a bathtub using rustoleum tub and tile spray. I followed the directions and resulted in a very rough gritty finish. How can I fix... See more

What type of content are you all looking for in this forum?

I was one of the first hometalk contributors many years ago and discussions were DIY, design and improvement related. I don't see a lot of non DIY discussions and... See more

Tek screws failed, now what to use?

The cedar & steel frame privacy fence is showing its’ age & four reamer-type self-tapping screws have fallen out and their cedar boards with them. The only thing I... See more
q tek screws failed now what to use

How do I make a denim coat out of old jeans?

Want to make a Jean knee-length coat from old jeans. Want the coat to be baggy, and sleeves to be baggy, with the cap (top of sleeve) of the sleeves cap starting... See more

Cleaning the brushes on a hoover steam cleaner

What is the easiest way to clean the brushes? I have to take a paring knife and pull out the lint and ick cat hair out of the brushes but it takes forever.Anything... See more

How do I install lighting in a bedroom that has no wiring?

I have an older house built in 1928! I think the big bedroom was once the living room. Okay to my question. I have to find a way to add a ceiling light. I have 3... See more

Mad Hatter Lampshades Awesome?

I would like to know if you are interesteed in making 4 large Mad Hatter Lampshades for my business? Name your price!

Why are the drawers of my newly painted bedside cabinets sticking?

I have just painted my solid wood, dovetail jointed, 3 drawer bedside chests with chalk style paint. I have painted them on the inside too and given them a wax... See more

How can I make a fiberglass shower floor less slippery?

Walk-in shower floor on a new home is made of white fiber glass is very slippery when wet. Any ideas on how to make it no- slippery? I tried sticking things on floor... See more

How can I remove carpeting from and retread stairs?

I have carpeted stairs and want to remove carpet and retread stairs with wood plank.

How can I subtlely change the color of a lamp shade?

It's too white and I'd like the shade to reflect a yellowly glow.VA.

How to preserve a live Christmas tree?

What can you put in the water of a live Christmas tree to keep the needles from falling prematurely