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How do I replace a heater door that measures 20 x 60?

It is a solid door with no vent grid. The vent is below the door. I have searched for a replacement but this size door is very expensive and has to be special ordered. Can I replace the the skin of the door?

How do I cover my screened in porch for 4 seasons?

It's a straight run of 19'6". Looking maybe for sliders or french doors. I've had estimates of 10-12 thousand, I ask if that was with solid gold?

How can I build a seawall?

I am single , I live on the lake I need a seawall I can build in steps as I can afford it?

How can we build solar panels?

We have a balcony roof that slants to the south. (We live in central Colorado). The roof would be a good place to collect solar energy. We would like to save money and build the panels ourselves.

How can I make economical skirting around the bottom of our deck?

Any Ideas of putting a rock look or wood plank look around the bottom of our deck? The deck has cement board already in place. The home is set on cynder blocks. We priced the stacked real look rock and the price is way out of our range! Thank you ,😊