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Does anyone have a special memory ornament?

I want to remember special people with pieces of their well loved shirts and dresses. I’m looking at small items I can make for grandchildren to keep.

How to build a cat house?

I want to know how to build a house for my cats that live outside.

How can I build a carport type roof over my old mobile home?

how can i build a carport type roof over my old mobile home as it is the roof is not peaked and snow is a danger to collapse, the existing roof is concaved . i don't... See more

How to build an inexpensive wooden gate?

I need a cedar wood arch gate for my driveway, but am limited budget- wise. Can I mount the boards to a chain link gate?

How do I add built in cabinets next to fireplace?

I would like to put a cabinet with a counter space and bookshelves next to the fireplace but the cost of having it stick built is way over my budget. Does any one... See more

How do I make a simple corner fence?

Three posts on each corner of my property are needed. I'm thinking of just screwing in 2 1x6" slats about 6' long between 3 wooden posts. Then paint after building.... See more

Any ideas how to make my own canopy for my gazebo?

My gazebo canopy frame & canopy were destroyed during a storm but my gazebo frame is bolted into the deck & still perfect. Thinking of using painters tarps to make a... See more
q any ideas how to make my own canopy for my gazebo

How do I make hanging shelves with iron brackets?

Brackets for hanging shelves.Old cast iron laying around. Any ideas?

How to cut plywood?

What is the best saw to use to cut plywood

How do I make a corner pantry?

Need corner pantry ideas and directions

How can I make a sturdy, 3-4 level Simply Renee Clip it Up stand?

I am looking to build an industrial style stand much like the discontinued Simply Renee Clip-It-Up stand shown in the photo. The requirements are a) that it can... See more
q how can i make a sturdy 3 4 level simply renee clip it up stand

How to attach feet to metal legged barstools?

How do attach ? Bottoms /feet to a metal bar stool that are scratching wood floor. They receive heavy use.

How do I build bird houses out of reclaimed wood?

Ihave learning disblity and only have combo drill screw gun skill saw, and heavy circular saw skill saw 7 1/4 inch would like to make birx houses and cute eady... See more

How do I make a wooden cake stand?

Post about a cake wooden stand

How do I design a compost station for a garden?

what is the fastest and easiest way to design a compost station for garden