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How do I add some type of dots on my Minnie Mouse skirt?

I’m making a Minnie Mouse costume using strips of red tulle attached to an elastic waistband. It is a simple, inexpensive no-sew project.

How can I make a power tower in my back yard more appealing?

It is such an eye sore. Do you have any suggestions as to how to make it more appealing? Please keep in mind that the power company does not allow anything on the tower and no large trees
q i have a power tower in my back yard i need to make it more appealing

How should I change my living room windows?

Looking for ideas.. I need a change in my livingroom with my windows. Do I stick with curtains or go with a blind/ valance idea. I has 2 sets of double hung windows and 2 individual windows.
q livingroom window help curtains blinds or valances

How do you make folded waxed paper stars?

Looking for the plans for paper stars, 3-D, then dipped in wax. Old Christmas ornament, was made in the 40's - 50's.

How can I use my seashells?

I have baskets and bags full of different kinds of seashells. Any creative ideas on how to use them? Thank you.

How can I add privacy to my bathroom window?

We closes our court yard by putting a roof on, but know my bathroom and toilet window is opening in the courtyard and especially during the night when you sit in the courtyard and somebody is at the toilet or climbing out the bath while the light is on you can see their silhouette.What can I do ?

How do you decorate a 12 foot long mantle?

The mantle is as long as the room is wide..12 feet , and the fireplace is from floor to ceiling.

Hanging a heavy mirror on masonry wall?

Refinishing my fireplace & planning on hanging my heavy 42” real Art Deco mirror & which option do you pick, given the mortar is 50+ years old & I easily pulled out the old masonry nails:1.) Drill the mortar, epoxy in a large molly and then screw in a large screw.2.) Drill the brick with a ceramic drill bit and use a bit smaller epoxied molly & screw. Either way, I’m going to have to buy a ceramic-cutting caliber of drill bit and corresponding molly & screw.

How can we add privacy do bathroom windows without losing natural ligh

We have a garden tub that we never use. Our shower is very small. We plan to remove the garden tub and replace it with a larger walk-in shower. Our problem is the 4’ x 4’ window that is over the garden tub and will be in the shower. We have checked, and found that especially at night you can see in the window if the light is on in the bathroom and a person is standing close to the frosted window. We want suggestions of how we can provide more privacy when we take a shower. This is holding up progress on the shower. We are both in our 70’s and are making this change to provide a safer environment to shower. Any suggestions on how we can get more privacy? This is the only window in our bathroom and we don’t want to lose the natural light.

How do I display a crocheted blanket without stretching it?

My daughter crochets. She needs a display that won't stretch out the blankets. Any DIY ideas?