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Behind toilet trick?

What to do behind toilet

How to make a hali oved bed?

Halo curtain over bed

How do I secure lawn chair webbing to futon bars?

I had bought lawn chair webbing to run thru the bars to prevent futon mattress from slipping thru does anyone have any ideas on how to secure the webbing to the... See more

Saving a project

How do I save a project?

Drain plug?

Where is ur tutorial for dissembling a drain plug that you mention in the tutorial to get hair out of tub drain?

How to “ disguise” the innards of lamp hardware?

I have a drum style lamp shade that is very pretty, however you can see right through it; The ugly lamp hardware shows through and I’m trying to figure out how I can... See more
q how to disguise the innards of lamp hardware

What to do with silver plated punch cups?

I have a bunch of silver plated punch cups. They are quite pretty, but who uses punch cups anymore? I can't even seem to give them away. I was thinking of making a... See more

Chalk Painting furniture ?

I see a lot of posts about chalk paint and am about to try my first project. My question is, to sand or not to sand? I thought the object of chalk paint was that you... See more

Make an outdoor screen ?

Can I use wood or bamboo or something that will withstand high winds?

How to get rid of bathroom mold?

We moved into this house and the the is mold on and near the floor in the master shower. I have tried everything I can think of but it just won't do awz Please... See more

How do I remove old crusty adhesive from a wall?

This is what’s left after cork tiles were removed from a wall put on about 30 years ago. Rough, thin, hard surface. If I can’t take it off, is it best to resurface... See more
q how do i remove old crusty adhesive from a wall

How can I put a photo on a coaster?

I have a plain box of 4 coasters and would like to give them as Christmas gift with the recipients puppy photo on them. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thank... See more

Turkey day?

Happy Thanksgiving !

What is unicorn spit?

Is unicorn spit an actual paint or a technique