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How to make a holiday mesh wreath?

Make a mesh holiday wreath with Dollar Tree materials

How do I use paper clips in my fridge?

You showed a clever way to use clips in the refrigerator but I deleted this in error

How to DIY a Rug with Kids?

I would like to do a project with my kids to DIY a fun rug. What do I need to do that in terms of materials? How do we do it in general?

How do I make outdoor curtains for my patio in Arizona?

I need to find a heavy duty weatherproof fabric to use for curtains for my patio in very hot, windy AZ. It must stand up to Monsoons and 110+degree weather.Thank you,... See more

How can I display sport trophies at home?

trophies and medals of my husband and kids are all over our house.

How do I measure wrapping paper to cover a keep sake box?

My friend wants me to help her redo the paper on a rectangle box that her Grandmother gave her many years ago. Can you please help us?Thank you,Melinda... See more

How can I decorate my condo with indoor plants?

I am from Toronto. I am an Engineer and got a good opportunity in Scarborough. So, I recently purchased a condo in Scarborough from Scarborough Condos as I’ll be... See more