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Affordable Down Throw Pillow Inserts

I’m looking for down feather throw pillow inserts. I was thinking about getting some from Pottery Barn because I assumed the quality would be good. I haven’t ordered... See more

How can I put a photo on a coaster?

I have a plain box of 4 coasters and would like to give them as Christmas gift with the recipients puppy photo on them. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thank... See more

How to upcycle and old dresser?

There was a dresser on here that was made into storage and a spot to sit on

Iideas with mason Valentine craft projects to sell deas?

I need Valentine craft ideas to be able to sell and decorate with, particularly using mason jars

Are there any DIY projects targeted for mobile homes?

Just saying, trying to do designs with , in the confines and configuration of a mobile home can be so different from a regular house. Any specific ideas for mobile... See more

How to build a twin bed frame?

How to build a twin bed frame for cheap

What can I use as a desk top?

Good morning. I have two drawer file cabinets that I am using as the base for a desk but I can't decide what to use as desk top, plexiglass or wood? Also I like wood... See more

How do I make a Christmas wreath?

How many inch long fir mesh for the wreath

How can I make jewelry out of zippers?

Saw several pieces of jewelry made from zippers (necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.) but no instructions on how to do it. It really looks easy, but like to have some... See more

How do I make paper lanterns out of brown paper bags?

I want to make paper lanterns from brown paper bags

What do you use to wash your ceramic floors?, and hardwood floors?

Since I’ve had housecleaners come in, my floors are not looking the same as when I did them with an H2O steam mop. Any suggestions on what to put in their buckets to... See more

How to “ disguise” the innards of lamp hardware?

I have a drum style lamp shade that is very pretty, however you can see right through it; The ugly lamp hardware shows through and I’m trying to figure out how I can... See more
q how to disguise the innards of lamp hardware

How to diy mail and paper clutter

I constantly find myself keeping and cluttering paperwork, mail, magazines, bills etc etc. How can I diy these items?

How do I secure lawn chair webbing to futon bars?

I had bought lawn chair webbing to run thru the bars to prevent futon mattress from slipping thru does anyone have any ideas on how to secure the webbing to the... See more

How do I paint a raised toilet seat for seniors?

I want to color my raised toilet seat to match my color scheme.

Darken glass block windows?

Glass block windows in bathroom magnify the sun and makes room very hot. Solar screen helps but what can o do to not ruin the look, but block the heat?

Help me save a favorite dress from the guillotine!

I own an oatmeal color linen dress which I love. I asked my dry cleaners about a small dime size spot and was told the color had faded on that spot. I thought I... See more

How do I power outdoor lights ?

I want to put Christmas decorations on my porch but there isn't an electrical outlet and I don't want to run a cord through a window - it gets pretty cold here! Any... See more

Can you give me tips for organizing a small closet?

I have a very small closet and not sure how to organize it, I've gone through the clothes but I still need it organize , help
q how do i organize small closet

1950s tile bathroom floor lost it's shine

I have a 1956 ranch home. The bathroom wall and floor tiles in the house are original and in mint condition. My problem is the floor tiles. I cannot seem to bring any... See more