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How to hand sculpt a missing ear on my outdoor statue?

What product that would bond with cement, and easy to sculpt?
q how to hand sculpt a missing ear

How can I change a dearborn gas heater to propane?

I want to change my Dearborn gas heater to propane. Can I do it? Will it be safe? Thank you.

Squirrels ?

I have them in my attic. Paid $500.00 to pest control and they are still in there. They set traps but never caught them. Any ideas on how to get them out??

How do I keep mice away?

we hv a barn, attached to the house by a large back hall. We are cleaning it out. I hv found nesting areas...I am removing pretty much anything that could be used as nesting material n putting other things in sealable containers. I heard peppermint was good. If so what's the best way? Is there anything else? TY

How do I replace the base casters of an antique sewing machine?

How can or what can I use as a cost effective replacement for an antique Singer sewing machine base casters. Please help. This is project I am working on using in our Kitchen
q singer sewing machine casters

How do you insulate between floors inside a split-level house?

I am currently installing a new ceiling in my family room and would like to know if I can insulate the ceiling to prevent heat transfer to the upper floor. I already know I could insulate for sound reduction, but I need to prevent heat transfer. The upstairs stays warm while the downstairs stays cool with the heat primarily rising toward the ceiling. At the moment I don't want to install ceiling fans, but I may eventually. What kind of insulation should I use? Should it be faced or unfaced? And what R-value should I use?

How to keep flies out of the house?

I am looking for a "foolproof" plan to keep flies out of our home and garage next Summer (AND FOREVER!!)We live near a barn with horses, pigs, etc. and I think I have tried everything including electronic bug zappers, hanging fly strips, and putting bags of cloves outside every door. I would so appreciate suggestions that have worked for others as I am already dreading the "INVASION OF THE FLIES" in 2019.

How do I get rid of mosquitoes & flies?

I dried out all drop of water, tried traps, electric killer, various repellent weeds. Nope. Recently the Asian Tiger mosquito swarms and nothong we do drive them out of sight. Anybody? help!

How do I get my mobile home ceiling fixed?

The roofers put on a new roof and cracked the 12 foot ceiling “tiles”. They said they think they can fix it because they cannot be replaced. They suggest cutting the ceiling, putting in new plywood and then put a textures goop over it, then paint. Any other suggestions?
q how do i get my mobile home ceiling fixed

How to replace missing trim on furniture?

I saw a post that used hot glue to make a flexible trim piece but didn't save the post. Does anyone remember how to do it?