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How can I repair my recliner?

How or where can I have a recliner repaired. A spring has fallen out. I can no longer fold the leg/foot support down. Otherwise it’s in perfect condition. It’s just a... See more

How do I secure a glass table top?

We have a new breakfast room table that has a glass top that is centered on a fairly small base in the center of the glass. How can I secure this to prevent it... See more

How do I strengthen kitchen chairs?

My kitchen chairs are in constant daily use and they have loosened around the leg joints. I don't think this issue should be ignored but I have no idea how to fix... See more

What board is best to replace?

We are replacing the floor boards due to wood worm. What is best to replace ? We are thinking of 8x4 sheets

How can I preserve paint on these faux stained glass wall hangings?

I know someone who made beautiful faux stained glass wall hangings. The picture is made ( painted) with white glue mixed with paint, words cut from vinyl with a... See more
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How to repair cabinet floor?

One side of the kitchen dual sink leaks damaging that cabinet floor. How do I repair it or replace just the flooring?

How do I smooth out a seam in my cement basement floor?

My floor was poured in stages, because of the size, so the seams are messy and uneven. I want to smooth them out and seal them. I drag cement dust into the house... See more