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How to remove a plastic shower mount from the wall ?
Miriam Illions Miriam Illions Answered on Sep 10, 2023

Posting this for a friend who mistakenly installed her Delta faucet hand shower mount the wrong way. It's now adhered to the shower wall but needs to be turned and re... See more

How do you remove caulk from backsplash?
Dawn Vroom Dawn Vroom Answered on Sep 10, 2023

How to remove caulk from a backsplash?

How to repair shoe sole?
Candice Cleaver Candice Cleaver Answered on Aug 29, 2023

I have a pair of deeply loved shoes with worn-out soles that need repair. My attempts at DIY fixes haven't lasted.If any of you have successfully repaired shoe soles,... See more

Fan speeds vs energy consumption? ?
Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes Answered on Jul 21, 2023

Does it save any electricity to run ceiling fans, box fans, dehumidifiers, etc on a lower speed?

What are some tips to be Energy efficient?
Meghan Spontak Rodowicz Meghan Spontak Rodowicz Answered on Jul 21, 2023

What are some tips other than setting thermostats and placing plastic on windows for an energy efficient home? I am mainly looking at green solutions for heating and ... See more

Repairing my patio umbrella fabric
Sharon Sharon Answered on Jul 21, 2023

Im trying to sew the many split portions of the thick canvas that have come apart. i am using a heavy duty needle and thread but it is very difficult to push through ... See more

How do I fix an antique dresser mirror that is looking fuzzy?
Cheryl Cheri French Cheryl Cheri French Answered on Jul 01, 2023

It is like the back of mirror is losing finish so mirror looks scratchy or fuzzy.

How do I fix a floor length mirror from tilting?
Tiffany Capwell Tiffany Capwell Answered on Jul 01, 2023

Hi!i have beautiful oval wooden floor length mirror that stand on legs but the problem is it tilts up. I can’t get it to stay vertical so I can actually use it.

How can I restore my bamboo cutting board that got wet?
Blackeyedjosie Blackeyedjosie Answered on Jun 16, 2023

I accidentally left something wet on my bamboo cutting board and now it has a large dark area in the middle. Is there any way I can restore it?

How to I save soles of comfort shoe from disintegrating?
Herta Herta Answered on May 27, 2023

I have these rather expensive Wolky sandals. To my horror I discovered that one of the shoe's sole is getting soft and looks like it's starting to crumble. How can I ... See more

Can I use super glue on my hummingbird bee guards?
DiAnna Bennis DiAnna Bennis Answered on May 06, 2023

I am Having a serious problem with bee's I already know the solutions but, I just bought a nice Jar hummingbird feeder and it has a plate but it has no where I can at... See more

Why is my soap dispenser pump not working?
Sarah Sarah Answered on May 03, 2023

Hi everyone! I recently bought a soap dispenser for my bathroom, but the pump doesn't seem to be working correctly. I'm not an expert in DIY repairs, so I'm hoping yo... See more

Are there any hacks for spray cans that has a broken spray nozzle?
Lady Dège Lady Dège Answered on Apr 18, 2018

My spray starch cans have fallen and the nozzles are broken. I don't want to keep buying more spray cans. Is there a way to get use of the full cans if the nozzle c... See more