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Basement ceiling cover-up
Stephanie Stephanie Answered on Feb 24, 2024

We live in a rented duplex, so we can't really do permanent upgrades. However, we would like to do something with the basement "ceiling". Actually there is no ceiling... See more

How do I make my basement walls nice?
Nechamah Goldfarb Nechamah Goldfarb Answered on Aug 06, 2023

My basement walls were painted by previous owners and the paint is coming off, plus there are cracks here and there (supposedly not dangerous). Would paint alone do t... See more

Should I sand my walls or just redo the sheetrock?
Anthony Goad Anthony Goad Answered on Aug 06, 2023

We bought a house and the walls in the basement were stuccoed by what I would believe was a five year old. It is very thick and its not level. Its so "pointy I have a... See more

Other than painting, how can I cover a cement wall in my basement?
Egb8108713 Egb8108713 Answered on Aug 06, 2023

It is a cold and dark cement wall in my basement. I would like an inexpensive way to finish it of.

Lighten up Knotty Pine basement walls?
Deb Deb Answered on Aug 06, 2023

I just bought a house with Knotty Pine basement walls and I want to lighten up the color. I love the wood and want to keep it but I don’t like the color. Can I just... See more

NP-1 sealant curing issue
Rockbiter Rockbiter Answered on Feb 15, 2020

When using this sticky caulk on my basement expansion joint fixing project the bottle listed no useful application tips. Like clean up solution or cure time. I looked... See more