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What to do when cleaning out your parent's home?

Like many baby boomers, my elderly father moved to assisted living and I'm stuck with what do I do with "stuff". We've done resale shops for furniture, garage sales,... See more

Does anyone know what this is?

Just turn them upside down and open them, then insert a roll of paper towel and tada, you have yourself a brand new paper towel holder that is not only beautiful, but... See more
q does anyone know what this is, repurposing upcycling

How do you best get motivated to downsize' discard, clean out, 43 yrs?

Basement at capacity, memory keeper, could now be candidate for the hoarders show. Don’t want to procrastinate any longer,need to tackle while physically able.... See more

How can I sort the laundry out?

that's my laundry , how can I organise it so I can get my cleaning stuff to fit without falling over it ( its a rental so I cant put anything on the walls
q how can i sort the laundry out

Maximize my storage space?

I'm a widow and I downsized to an apt that is 657 sq ft. How can I maximize my storage in every room?

How to makeover closet?s

Want more organized closet space how do I do this with a closet

Small bathroom lack of storage, suggestions?

Small main bathroom,older home, lack of storage space. Got one cupboard for towles. Under sink cupboard that's it. I need it to be our master bath. Somewhere for my... See more
q small bathroom lack of storage

Any space saving sokutions for bath towels?

We would like to hang a few rolled towels and washcloths above part of a small space above our bathroom door. Any ideas?

Organize my close closet

I need to know how to better understand what it takes to better organize the close closet

How can I organize a house with 5 kids?

I am a single mother of 5 children. I am having a hard time with my younger children ages 5 (girl), 7 (girl), 9 (boy) and 10 (boy), my teenager is 14 (boy) and I have... See more

Please help me with Organizing ?

What’s the first step to organizing?

Whats a cheap way to make cabinet space?

I have no cabinet space and tons of stuff for kitchen need help