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How to DIY makeup storage?

I’m very OCD. I want my makeupto be organized in the most Claissic and structured.

How is the best way to organize towels?

The best way to organize towels

How can I utilize my bedroom closet as a bedroom closet?

closet is approx 3'x8' of course , as most old houses, has 1 rod at far end . then nothing. what can be done to utilize this space.?

How do I use fuzzy sticks/pipe cleaners on clothes hangers?

Need hangers that donot allow clothing to slide off

How do I hide a pipe in a bathroom?

Box In a pipe running parallel to the floor about 6” up

How can I store my tea pot collection?

I collect tea pots and I have alot of them but I don't want to get rid of them and hate to put them in storage. What can I do with them so they don't take up so much... See more

How to hide newly installed plumbing that is visible?

We had to have new plumbing installed following 5 breaks in underground copper plumbing. Big expense. Had to accept that our porch would now be home to visible... See more

How to make a hanging belt in my room?

My husband has to much belts, ties, scarfs, he is a business man, I need ideas to organize this part of my closet. That is not to big.

How I can make/create storage?

I know about all the closet “redos”. I’ve done a couple. I need ideas on other DIY storage hacks for bedrooms. Inexpensive, no power saw required but, pretty...thanks... See more

How do I orginize and store paper work of everything?

I have sooo man breif cases and binders file folders full of documents both new and old. I am overwhelmed !! Do not have a filing cabinet let alone a filing system!... See more

How do I organize my home before moving?

Ways to orginize a very needed home before moving to another home?

How to hide electric toothbrush?

Husband and I both have electric toothbrushes on our bathroom counter tops that are plugged in. what can I do to hide them and have them still remain on the counter... See more

How do I find electrical outlets made precisely for phones/iPads/etc.?

I have seen, and used, outlets where I could plug my phone, and computer directly into the wall. Where are these available? I’m presuming they are new to the public,... See more

How do I store my tools without a garage?

I just bought a small cabin but it has no garage. I have no place to put tools but my crawl space under my home. I'm afraid they will rust due to moisture. I don't... See more

Help! Need ideas for organizing my garage.

The third (back) bay of my garage is a disaster area! My husband has no motivation to change it even though most of the 'stuff' is his. Three bikes, a bike... See more
q help need ideas for organizing my garage