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How do I refinish my granite?

The granite is just not shiny. Actually looks like it may have been "seconds"

Easiest Way To Make A Door Lock Using A Dinner Fork WITHOUT Tools?

Easiest Way To Make A Door Lock Using A Dinner Fork WITHOUT Tools?I want to make a temporary lock for my bedroom door using a dinner fork, I know exactly how to do it... See more

What are common kitchen design + construction mistakes?

I'm working on an article for my site and have about 10 items for my list but would love to hear what you all have as design mistakes as well. If you have an image to... See more

How or what can I use to reattach, or fix stone on fireplace?

my fireplace is real field stone and when it was constructed there were a few spots that needed more stone and Ihave no idea how to fix it simply

Change foyer chandelier?

Needing to change out chandelier in a 20 ft foyer, most rental scaffolding is 5 ft and wont fit in the 44 inch area beside the stairs? Any ideas of something we... See more
q change foyer chandelier

How can I clean musty smelling curtains?

What home remedies are available to remove the musty and moldy smell out of curtains stored in the cellar

Can you give me help choosing paint for my home exterior?

Hey! I got a lot of feedback from my previous post about what to do with the wall my soon-to-be house has. I also got some advice on what color I should paint the... See more

Can you give me DIY tips for cleaning a bathroom?

House hold cheap bathroom cleaning techniques

How do I clean rust off metal?

How to get rust off of metal? It's just small spots

Do I need to sand a door if I am painting it the same color again?

I want to paint my bathroom door the same color (gloss white). So part of paint are chipping out and also light yellow stain.

How do I get my dull stainless steel sink to be shiny?

How do I get my stainless steel kitchen sink to be shiny again. It’s dull

What is the best method for laying wood on top of concrete?

So I am planning on placing wood on top of concrete and I just wanted to know the best method to do that. I was thinking of laying some moisture resistant underlay to... See more

How do I diy an aged zinc look for an mdf French slope fan hood?

Hi ... I'm in the midst of a reno and love the French country look but a real zinc fan hood for the stove is out of my budget. I've done real venetian plaster before... See more

What to do with pine needles?

I've never lived around pine trees before, now I have a beautiful Afghan Pine. The needles drop like crazy. Do I leave them, rake them every few days, or what. I've... See more