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How to organize my new sewing/craft room?

I have a room that is soon to be empty that I am going to make my sewing/craft room. Right now ALL my things are all over. What is the best way to tackle this project because right now I am so overwhelmed at the thought. My initial idea was to put it all in there then separate and order. But I don’t think that’s the right way

How do I get started?

I am an AVID card maker and scrapbooker. My craft space looks like a bomb went off in thete. No matter what I try, I cannot get it in order. PLEASE help me with ideas to get started !!!!! Thank you !!!!

How can I organize my stuff and my grandaughter's toys my family room?

Hi. I have a small 3 bedroom home. My husband and I have a room, my son has one room and my daughter and granddaughter have the other. I have crochet items and my granddaughter has toys. It's getting so cluttered that we can barely walk through the room. Help!

What can I cover my wire racks with in pantry?

Our New House has a great big pantry with wire racks...need suggestions on what we can put on top of the wire racks to hold our can goods and such.

Best method of Storing a battery over winter?

I have heard different ways of storing a RV battery over winter. Do you bring it in out of the cold, Wisconsin weather, or leave it on the RV? Or in the garage? With or without a trickle charge? Do you fully discharge then fully charge before storage?Thanks.

I need help for extra storage in bedroom

My closet is tiny, I have dresser and chest of drawers but still not enough room to store my clothes. Everything has to go in a drawer due to no hanging area.

Storage ideas for kitchen base cabinet

My kitchen corner base cabinet does not have the lazy Susan. It is dark and hard to reach anything stored in that area. I need help to make it more useable.

How to hang spice racks on hollow door?

My pantry door is hollow. I want to install these individual spice racks on it without them having issues with the weight.
q how to hang spice racks on hollow door

What could I use to stack my pot lids?

I dont want or like them just thrown in2 a draw,I would like to either stack them/stand them up like in a dishwasher or from the wall etc all and any ideas would being grateful. Thankyou

How can I organize my kitchen/office table?

This is my kitchen table, it's like this every day it's also my office table. Only table in the house to eat.
q do they have any organizing helpers in the area of inkster michigan