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How to replace a toilet seat?
Rhonda Rhonda Answered on May 16, 2024

I need advice on how to replace a toilet seat, please. What do I need to know when looking for a new one?

If you could redo your master bathroom, what would you change?
Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Answered on May 13, 2024

Dreaming of a master bathroom remodel?Tell us: If you could change just one thing, what would it be?Your input could inspire others looking for master bathroom ideas ... See more

Should I Put Wood Floors in My Master Bath??
Johnnie L Johnnie L Answered on Apr 13, 2024

We are moving to our forever home in 3 weeks. The space is amazing, but needs major updating. I am aiming for a vintage farmhouse style. I am a junker and a reclaimed... See more

Hiding plumbing on floating Vanity
Melissa Monteforte Melissa Monteforte Answered on Apr 12, 2024

I had a contractor install a floating bathroom vanity. Without my prior knowledge the vanity did not fit correctly with the existing plumbing from walls. They insta... See more

How can you glue ceramic tile to the bathtub edge?
Hei28609765 Hei28609765 Answered on Apr 12, 2024

Can you glue ceramic tiles on a bathtub edge? if so what kind of adhesive do you use> TYA

Can I replace a bidet with a shower stall?
Dee Hollin Dee Hollin Answered on Apr 12, 2024

I have a bidet in a small bathroom that has floor to ceiling tiles. Is it possible to remove the bidet and turn it into a curbless shower stall area?

I have a large brass bathroom mirror that has rust on it.
Cjp28117700 Cjp28117700 Answered on Apr 08, 2024

What can I cover it with to make it attractive again. It will need to be something that can be cut around many light fixtures. Mirror looks like a large makeup mirr... See more

Do colors have to coordinate for bedroom and bathroom?
Michelle Michelle Answered on Apr 04, 2024

I recently got overzealous and bought a shower curtain, towels and rug for my bathroom in a totally different color than I planned on doing in the actual bedroom. Doe... See more

What can I do about my sink? The water splashes everywhere!
Sho17007983 Sho17007983 Answered on Mar 28, 2024

I have a very shallow sink and when I turn the water on it splashes everywhere. Is there some kind of faucet that will help?

How do I best waterproof a window in a shower?
Hal30209905 Hal30209905 Answered on Mar 28, 2024

We have no choice but to put a shower over our current bath due to cost but we have a window smack bang in the middle which we can’t move. Any ideas would be great ... See more

Clawfoot tub age?
Tracy Tracy Answered on Mar 27, 2024

I have an old cast iron claw foot tub that I just paid to have refinished. The bottom of the tub has a US shield raised stamp with a A100 stamp above it. Above the ... See more

Updating a bathroom medicine cabinet
Jessica Jessica Answered on Mar 23, 2024

I haven't found any ideas on how to update my medicine cabinet (renting) that is pictured below. There are tons of ideas on updating mirrors or single panel cabinets ... See more

Does anyone have any ideas how to update a 60's medicine cabinet?
Sandra Ajhar Sandra Ajhar Answered on Mar 23, 2024

We are updating our bathroom and are wondering if this can be salvaged or if we should simply replace it. It's in decent, not great shape. Can the mirror finish on th... See more

Can my 50's pink tiled bathroom be painted?
Greta Greta Answered on Mar 06, 2024

I have a pink tiled bathroom straight out of the 50's. I can't afford to knock out walls and redo from start. I've heard tiles can be painted. Has anyone got pictures... See more

I have drop ceiling in my bathroom that looks cheap, needs facelift!
Antonia J. Hoh Antonia J. Hoh Answered on Feb 24, 2024

a Vent is also in the ceiling, and I would like a vent cover over that too...but it’s large cheap plastic tile sheets from the local home builders store in place no... See more

If I put gold leaf on my ceiling in the bathroom would I have to seal?
Mar22641117 Mar22641117 Answered on Feb 24, 2024

If I put gold leaf on my bathroom ceiling would it have to be sealed to keep it from molding or I don't know what could go wrong and if so what would I use to seal it... See more

I would love to redo my bedroom suite but it is 1960's Mediterranean
Sunnybrook Sunnybrook Answered on Feb 24, 2024

Wow you did a lovely job on this French Provincial dresser. I have an old pecan finish bedroom suite that I have wanted to replace for many many years. The problem of... See more

How can I update this pebble rock wall in my bathroom?
Anna Anna Answered on Jan 13, 2024

This accent wall was done by the previous owners, by hand. I would really like to update it, maybe paint it. Possibly a charcoal color? What are your thoughts?

How do I update bathroom window trim and medicine cabinet?
Jill Siok Jill Siok Answered on Jan 13, 2024

Thank you to all who helped me with my "orange peel" living room walls- they came out great! Onto my bathroom disaster. Love the floor, I painted behind the toilet bl... See more

Should I continue floor tile up to chair rail height in bathroom?
L L Answered on Jan 13, 2024

We are re-doing 1954 bathroom. Complete gut. We selected 18x18 floor ceramic floor tiles (Mesa beige color) and want to continue the tile to where the chair rail was,... See more

How long does it usually take to remodel a small bathroom?
Jenny Hicks Jenny Hicks Answered on Jan 09, 2024

Want to replace old tub/shower combo with a tiled, walk-in shower. TThe room is only as wide at the tub is long, and there's a window around shoulder height above th... See more

Tips for a 70s bathroom makeover?
Sin26299313 Sin26299313 Answered on Jan 08, 2024

I have a killer 70s bathroom with bland yellow countertops and white cabinet with layers of oil paint And an old glass door shower. Need a makeover for them or at le... See more

How can I remove old caulk from a bathtub that has been refinished?
Pat Myfrecklesrock Windsor Pat Myfrecklesrock Windsor Answered on Jan 08, 2024

Please let me know how to remove caulk around my bathtub that looks awful. Thank you!

How do I update all beige bathroom with what color towels?
Job33100262 Job33100262 Answered on Jan 08, 2024

Toilet, vanity and tub are bone color with brushed nickel fixtures. What color shower curtain and towels would make it pop, if possible?

Best way to refinish wood vanity top?
Theresa F. Painter Theresa F. Painter Answered on Dec 20, 2023

My bathroom is rather old and it has a butcher block vanity top. The wood needs to be sanded down, stained and sealed. I just don't know how to go about doing it.

Pink Bathroom in Rented Apartment. What to Do?
2ms2 2ms2 Answered on Dec 08, 2023

This is my pink bathroom. The apartment is a rental, so I can't retile. What can I do to hide it or change its color?

If I use contact paper on bathroom counter, do I seal with a poly coat
Robin Duncan Cornell Robin Duncan Cornell Answered on Nov 27, 2023

If I use contact paper to cover my bathroom counter and backsplash, would it be best to put a poly coat over it? I wouldn't think midge podege would work.