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Can I spray paint cellular window shades?
Lyn Lyn Answered on Aug 27, 2023

I have expensive custom cellular shades, from Smith & Noble, that feel sort of papery, but I think are some sort of polyester product, in a bland oatmeal color that d... See more

1952 Cape Cod.
Melissa W Melissa W Answered on Aug 06, 2023

I need some advise on what I can do to improve the looks of my house. I need door, window and landscape suggestions. The house will remain white as I am on a budget. ... See more

I'm looking for ideas to hide flaws in a ceiling, but not popcorn
KSS KSS Answered on Jun 18, 2023

I don't want to use the popcorn paint to hide flaws. I'd like to find another solution.