What are the pros and cons of a metal or barn home?

My husband and I are considering building a home in the near future and were considering doing something like a metal home, or something in a barn style with an open floor plan. A "barndominium" as some are called. Has anyone done anything like this and have any information? I've read that it's more cost efficient, but I'm getting mixed information. Any help is appreciated! :)
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  • Susan Susan on Jan 20, 2017
    I'm living in one! I owned 5 acres next to my previous home (with ex) and because of very little $$, and feeling comfortable in this neighborhood (single woman alone!) I decided to build "next door"... that's another story...

    Started in April 2016 drew up simple plans for 1,200 sf building and made just about ALL the mistakes you could make ! Experience is a great teacher. Doing a lot of the finish work myself - ran out of money! -- so I'm putting drywall on my ceiling and walls.
    #1 - Get everything in writing!!!
    #1a -find a metal building dealer you can trust!!
    #2 - be sure to count in windows / doors - ( I had to buy mine separately -big duhh and actually put in TOO many windows ) I have very little "wall" space to hang pictures etc.--- so you might want to hire an architect once you have a general plan - or you can wing it! I DID by using graph paper and measuring over and over...ha
    #3 - you won't just need a building shell, you will need TONS of 2x4's and a few 2 x 6's for framing the ceiling and walls - around the perimeter AND rooms (for insulation, electrical wire, plumbing and drywall)
    #3a - Furnace or heat pump? Air conditioning? cost to run?
    #4 - sinks and fixtures - bathtub/shower or shower stall? one or two or three bathrooms?
    #5 - misc. items - wood screws, electrical outlets, wiring, (different types are used for W/D and just for lamps) light switches, WHERE will the lights be placed? - ceiling fans? outside lights? multi-switches? and depending on what time of year and your climate... can you get it done before HOT or COLD weather arrives? (I had to put up 4 mil plastic to keep heat IN and cold OUT until I can get up all the drywall and insulation - it works for me)
    - resist gong for 10 ft. ceilings like I did... or prepare to pay more for drywall (you CAN get it in 10 ft. length)

    - porch? on slab? (mine is and a mistake was made there by not having the building ON the slab... "erection crew" placed it just outside slab - many many openings for "things" to get in! yikes) - so I used and am STILL using the expanding foam, foam strips, caulk and placing gravel outside and up against the house.
    - so much more --

  • Susan Susan on Jan 24, 2017
    metal building "erectors" don't include a LOT of what you will need...this place sounds like it could be FULL service? Good Luck!

  • Mary Mary on Jan 25, 2017
    Look at a post and beam barn. You would probably have to have the Skelton erected and get help putting a metal roof on. Once that is done since money is a cue, you can take your time.. The outside walls can be put up. At an early point you can move in with the stud walls. Always spend the money on insulation. I highly recommend foam spray in. You might have to live in a smaller section till electrical and plumbing and any cable or computer hook ups you want. In a post and beam barn your whole lower floor can be open. Check out Houzz.com