7 50 hutch top flipped upside down trash to treasure

$7.50 Hutch Top Flipped Upside Down Trash to Treasure!

Hello! I wanted to share my latest flip with you! I was browsing at my local thrift store a couple...

diy fabric drawer dividers

DIY Fabric Drawer Dividers

One place where I have to have organization in my home is in my dresser drawers. Maybe I'm...

strip and stain a wood deck anew

Strip and Stain a Wood Deck Anew

Get a comparably professional finish without the professional cost!

house number

House Number

There is a mystery with my and my neighbour's house numbers. My house is on the odd number side of...

linen closet build

Linen Closet Build

We remodeled the bedroom/bath 4 rooms ensuite last in the whole house remodel. I needed additional...

make a rustic garden ladder trellis using tree branches

Make a Rustic Garden Ladder Trellis Using Tree Branches

I love using natural elements like stones, logs, driftwood and branches as decor in my gardens. I'm...

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Answer DIY questions

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I don’t know where to start?

My husband bought this house many years back. I’ll love to change the...

q i don t know where to start

How to repair an uneven table?

I have an uneven table that I need to fix. How do I fix it?

q uneven table

How do I repaint a garden ornament made of concrete?

It is a big toadstool, with two little toadstools and a garden gnome...

q how do i repaint a garden ornament made of concrete

How do I get rid of this green algae?

How do I best get rid of this green algae on my Sunbrella material on...

q how do i get rid of this green algae

What’s the best way to re-attach this What’s the best way to reatt

What’s the best way to reattach this wicker-like part of my nice...

q what s the best way to re attach this what s the best way to reatt

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penguin floating soap dish on a translucent blue resin water base

Penguin Floating Soap Dish on a Translucent Blue Resin Water Base.

Floating soap dish or sponge holder, penguin on its ice floe, at the edge of the water in resin. He...

turn a recycled plastic container into a fairy bridge

Turn a Recycled Plastic Container Into a Fairy Bridge

We love recycling something unexpected and making things for our fairy garden. Like this little...

drop cloth curtains

Drop Cloth Curtains

Easy. Inexpensive. No-sew. Drop cloth curtains are beautiful, functional and perfect for your...

halloween wreaths using dollar store items

Halloween Wreaths Using Dollar Store Items

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and I've always decorated my house , but I like...

mason jar storage solution

Mason Jar Storage Solution

I have a smaller sized kitchen, and don't have much cabinet space. On top of not having much space,...

brighten your kitchen sink area with mirrors

Brighten Your Kitchen Sink Area With Mirrors

If you have upper cabinets on either of your kitchen, that don't have shelves on the side, this is a...

Watch video tutorials

Halloween Candy Dish With a Twist!

I have a love for painting flower pots and this year I decide to paint one and use as our Halloween...

Anthropologie Fringe Chandelier Tutorial

It’s funny how past trends pop up like unexpected guests, sometimes welcome and at other times not...

Go Bohemian With a DIY Fringed Basket

This month, we’re taking inspiration to the next level! We are remaking a few of our favourite...

DIY Fridge Pocket

As part of our new weekly show, Workshop Wednesday, we will occasionally feature a fast DIY project....