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diy happy holiday wood sign with lights

DIY Happy Holiday Wood Sign With Lights


how to easily dry orange slices and peel

How to Easily Dry Orange Slices for Christmas Decorations

Dried orange slices are lovely to use in Christmas crafts and décor such as wreaths, table decorations and garlands. Although they are available in the shops to buy, they are super simple to make at home. Not only does it work out way cheaper making them yourself, they will also make your home smell divine while you do!

how to make a table runner out of a drop cloth


Drop cloth decor is becoming more and more popular. So here is an easy way to sew your very own drop cloth table runner for pennies

how to place a wall cladding

How to Place A Wall Cladding

I will try to show you step by step how to install can help to clean your workplace! And keep Your tools organized.MaterialsPlastic coating.Finishing profiles.PlasterAdhesive.Double-sided adhesive tapeCorrugated pipeElectric cable.

it s such a girly thing

It’s Such a Girly Thing!

When I saw the coat rack I knew that it would look great above a table that I just bought at an auction. How to hang the coat rack? On a door of course.

memorial using flowers from dad s funeral

Memorial Using Flowers From Dad’s Funeral

First, let me say, “Not my idea at all.”While at the funeral home helping my Mom with the arrangements for my Dad, she noticed some candles, which were very nice, made from the flowers sent as memorials for the ceremony.Mom wanted to have a use for the flowers that people sent and suggested the candles. They looked fine, supposedly lasted forever and I thought about it. I could see the candle stored on a basement shelf in a few years. I didn’t feel the $100 price tag for each candle was a good use of funeral dollars so I declined her offer--as did my other siblings.I told Mom I would find a better use for the flowers no one took after the ceremony and so, when I got home, I looked on Pintrest and found about a dozen ideas yet only one inspired me. I’m not one for having a lot of stuff to dust around so a picture frame or a dried arrangement, though beautiful ideas, wasn’t anything I wanted to make.

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Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help!see all

Anyone know about room dividers?

My Aunt gave me this room divider and I can not find out anything about it. I know she has had it at least 40 years. It is 7' tall and the panels are16 1/2" wide, it is carved and it looks like A pic. of an livingroom from the 30's I think, and it took two men to bring it in my house, very heavy. I can not see the wood to find out what kind of tree it is from. Thank you in advance, any info. will help.

q anyone know about room dividers

How to update a peninsula wall?

I would like to add dimension to the back and side of peninsula and have it be budget friendly. Saw many ideas and like the board and batten idea or possibly a sheet of wainscoting. Thinking I would like the color to be white but keep all the cabinets as is...light maple. My husband will never agree to paint them not even the back peninsula wall. Any ideas how to accomplish this? Also, would my ideas go with the raised panel doors?Thanks in advance for any ideas.

q how to update a peninsula wall

How do I clean & make minor finish repairs to builders oak cabinetry?

Our home is 35 years old and still has the original builders oak cabinets in the kitchen & baths. I’m not ready to paint them, and most still look great, but a few of the doors have fingernail damage and some white from steam where the coffee pot was. I’d just like to repair the finish for now. What do I use?

q how do i clean make minor finish repair to builders oak cabinetry

How do I get my mobile home ceiling fixed?

The roofers put on a new roof and cracked the 12 foot ceiling “tiles”. They said they think they can fix it because they cannot be replaced. They suggest cutting the ceiling, putting in new plywood and then put a textures goop over it, then paint. Any other suggestions?

q how do i get my mobile home ceiling fixed

How can I refinish this radio cabinet?

Hi everyone! This was a beautiful thrift store find and when I moved the front got horribly scratched :(My dear son (who scratched it moving!) tried to sand down, then stain the whole cabinet in an effort to cover the scratch but it has turned out worse than ever.Any Ideas?? Sand down to bare wood and “start over” or any cool paint techniques to try?Thank you!Carrie

q refinishing radio cabinet

Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help!see all

How can I update my bathtub?

Have updated sink and shower and need to update the bathtub. Any suggestions?

q some type of plastic coating

How can I replace outdated glass chandelier shades?

Bought this chandelier for only $10 to save money on our rehab but then looked up replacing the ugly shades and it’s not cheap. Anyone have alternative ideas?

q replace outdated glass chandelier shades

How do I refinish this end table?

I have an old end table, solid wood, scared and scratched. What is the easiest way to refinish it, or paint it? Thank you, Terri tldesing1@gmail.com

q how do i refinish this end table

Can anyone identify this plant?

How do I take care of it, light, water, etc. I've had it for one year but the longer runners break off. Thanks.

q can anyone identify this plant

How can I brighten up pine walls?

We moved into my husbands parents farm house! It has pine walls that have details in it. The house was built in the early 70s or late 60s. Would like to do something to them since it makes the kitchen and dining room look so dark but he doesn’t want them painted. Any ideas?

q pine walls

Watch video tutorials


This Dollar Tree DIY Christmas project really upgrades Dollar Tree products to a whole other level. If you like silver and glam then this is the project for you!! This centerpiece could also double as a wedding centerpiece decor too. Add some Christmas glam to your table decor and compliment it throughout your home. This project took me approximately two days due to glue drying time.

Uncle Fester Lamp

I was always a fan of the Addams Family, as a little girl I remember watching the TV series and movies with my family. And so recently as I was thinking about getting rid of an old lamp I no longer needed & then I thought why not make it into something cool and so here is how I made the Uncle Fester Lamp.

Dry Erase Thankful Board

As we approach the holidays many of us begin to reflect on the things we are grateful for. I wanted to make something that is reusable every year for our family to share what they are grateful for during the holidays. You can see more of my crazy creations here

diy wheat wreath

DIY Wheat Wreath

After putting my Halloween decorations away, it was time to redecorate for Thanksgiving. I was at Hobby Lobby taking advantage of the 50% of on fall décor when I saw these wheat bundles and I was compelled to buy a couple; I knew they’d make a great wreath.This is an easy project and it looks amazing, however, keep in mind it’s time-consuming. https://avantimorocha.com/