fall front porch part 2

Fall Front Porch Part 2

Part one was the pumpkin patch planters for the sides of my front step, so now it’s time to finish this fall project!

diy metallic painted furniture

DIY Metallic Painted Furniture

Metallic paint can be a little tricky to work with, but I have an easy solution that makes it turn out with an even all over metallic look every time!

fall flare in a planter

Fall Flare in a Planter

Turn an old ugly brown gourd into a thing of beauty with a fall planter. I purchased an old gourd years ago from a farmer that called it an apple gourd. He told me he grows special gourds and paints them to sell. When I bought it, it was brown and even a little moldy on the outside, but the paint has remained as shiny and beautiful as when it was new. It looks like a giant apple.

diy charred wood candle holders

DIY Charred Wood Candle Holders

These charred wood candle holders are incredibly easy to make, but they make a big statement in your fall decor! They're the perfect touch for Halloween that can also carry your decor through the rest of fall - and this simple little trick can be applied to just about any wood decor piece, so you can try it on all sorts of things around the house! If you like this project, check out the rest of my easy & affordable DIY ideas on my blog, Love & Renovations.

woodsy scented campfire candles

Woodsy Scented Campfire Candles

My husband and I used to go camping all the time. But nowadays it just seems like way too much work. But I really do miss the smell of the forest and watching the campfire burn low as the sky gets dark. So, instead of spending too much time in longing, I’ve decided to pay homage to the campfire with these Woodsy Scented Campfire Candles, with real wood wicks.Read the full article and why soy wax and wood wicks are a healthier option. http://www.thehiphomestead.com/how-to-make-enamel-mug-soy-wax-candles/

new enchanted forest bedroom for olivia part 1

New Enchanted Forest Bedroom for Olivia Part #1

I haven't posted in a little while and I'm excited to show my latest project! We recently switched bedrooms for our daughter Olivia from upstairs to our first floor second bedroom and Olivia wanted a new theme ( you can see some of her first bedroom makeover that I did in my projects). This time she wanted an " enchanted forest" which is my favorite because I really love trees..

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Answer DIY questions

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What's the best way to repair a hardi-plank cornet?

The corner of our exterior got bashed in my heavy equipment. It's Hardi-board. I'd like not to have to replace the whole board, just the 1.5 section/hole.I

q what s the best way to repair a hardi plank cornet

How to renovate this room to make it look Farmhouse-like?

How can I turn my dining room into a farmhouse dining room? Can I renovate this table? Fixtures?

q hi can can i renovate this room to make it look farmhouse

How to paint a vinyl floor?

I want to try painting my laundry room floor instead of replacing it. It's one large piece with a square pattern so there's no individual tiles. But I'm hoping to use the square pattern to make it look like individual tiles. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Becky

q how to paint a linoleum floor

Tips on painting sewing machine cabinet?

I’m in the process of starting to paint my mother’s sewing machine cabinet. Any tips would be appreciated!

q tips on painting sewing machine cabinet

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diy craftsman window trim

DIY Craftsman Window Trim

There's something about a chunky craftsman window/door trim that makes my heart melt. I think it's the perfect way to add character to any space, but especially those faux farmhouse spaces like our builder grade ranch. The builder left us with a less than desirable trim, so updating the windows with a chunkier trim really gave this area some va-va-voom! This tutorial is fairly simple and only requires the most basic of tools. Check out the tutorial below and visit my post for the full step-by-step

limited bathroom space to maximum storage, End Result

Limited Bathroom Space to Maximum Storage

My half bath is small and needed additional storage and towel rack. The wall directly across from the toilet seemed like a perfect spot but would require a simple and narrow solution.

learn how to use powder glaze on furniture the easy way

Learn How to Use Powder Glaze on Furniture the Easy Way

Do not be intimidated by powder glaze anymore!! Learn how to use powder glaze to take those furniture pieces from Drab to Fab, with this easy guide.Powder glaze is a unique painting media and technique. Powder glaze can be used on cabinets and furniture. In the world of DIY and painted furniture, professionals are always searching for ways to make pieces stand out from the rest. The key component to powder glazing is to use a paint that will not soak up the glaze. That means any latex/acrylic based paint is best used for powder glazing.Don't worry friends that doesn't mean you have to give up your beloved chalk style/milk style paints. For or THIS particular technique it's better to keep those products on the shelf. Trust me I tried chalk paint with it, it was a total bust. Powder Glaze CAN be brushed on. I actually brushed it on for my first few pieces. Now I spray it for a more even and efficient layer of glaze.First and foremost you want to make sure you prep your piece properly, this is key in the painted furniture business. You can find how I prep my pieces in this blog post Prepping Furniture for Painting.

beautiful yard even in harsh dry deserts

Beautiful Yard Even in Harsh Dry Deserts!

If you live in a semi-arrid or desert region perhaps you have dreamed of a sharp looking yard with some succulent plants. This yard should inspire you with some ideas of your own! For around $100 you too can have a lovely yard, though it be small and located in a desert! The cost will depend on the cost of the retaining wall stones combined with your own tools and labor. In our area the wall stones can be bought at home improvement stores for about $1 each.

how to paint your bathroom vanity no sanding required

How To Paint Your Bathroom Vanity - No Sanding Required!

I have seen so many of the beautiful pictures of newly painted kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities on Pinterest, that I got inspired to do the same. What I did not want to have to do was tackle a project that involved sanding! The thought of sanding down the doors or drawers on my bathroom vanity was just not happening in my world. So I was looking for was to get around this and discovered the product Oil Bond.It is is a latex paint additive that helps latex paint adhere to oil-based or glossy surfaces, including polyurethane. I'm going to show you today how I used it to paint my bathroom vanity and tell you that if you are considering painting yours, use this stuff, because it was so easy and it turned out amazing!

how to make a scrap wood wall

How to Make a Scrap Wood Wall

Warmth is easy to add in most rooms through textiles. But what about a garage? I spend a lot of my time working in my garage painting and building furniture for my business. So I wanted an easy way to make the room feel warm and inviting. What I came up with accomplished that, plus used up old scrap wood and reminded me of past projects. Best of all, it was free. Learn how to make your own scrap wood wall.

Watch video tutorials

How to Make a 'Creepy' Concrete Pumpkin!

If you were one of the 15 million that viewed our video on how to make a concrete pumpkin two years ago, you probably have your own pumpkin that is in need of a little attention. We have several concrete pumpkins which we have left in the Florida elements for two years. They were in need of cleaning and new paint.Instead of just painting them, we decided to give our 'happy' pumpkins a little 'creepy' makeover with a little more concrete and paint. You'll find the tutorial in our Workshop Wednesday show above. You can watch the entire thing, but you can also fast forward to 3:35 to watch just the tutorial.

Upcycled Pumpkins for Halloween Display

We are having a Halloween party this year and before I get to all the house cleaning and yard work, well I had to make a few decorations! With these upcycled pumpkins I am calling the front display complete. And I am out of excuses for postponing my other chores.

Uplift an Old Basket

A few months back I bought a couple of baskets from a thrift store (charity shop here in the UK) but they weren't quite my style. I decided it was time to jump on the pompom trend and update the basket.

Under Stair Reading Nook

When we first looked at this house, I always thought that the open space under the stairs would make the perfect reading nook for the kids. Fast forward three years and I finally made it happen.