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christmas decoration under a bell a bright snowy scene

Christmas Decoration Under a Cloche, a Bright Snowy Scene

Winter House Lighted Cloche DioramaChristmas decoration under a cloche, a bright snowy scene to decorate a centerpiece. On the occasion of Christmas and the new year, here is an original table center made with a pvc globe containing a miniature sconce lit by an interchangeable led candle. It is a bright idea for your late night party decoration. year: a transparent bell that highlights a miniature winter setting where the snow hides an illuminating candle. The wooden base opens and closes so you can turn it on or off and replace it for many fairy parties. A miniature decorated Christmas tree, a glittering Santa Claus and his Äne, a mushroom and gilded ornaments adorn our snowy scene. For a bright note and glittering table decoration, you can set the cloche on a log of wood, pine cones, pieces of bark or branches of fir and even chestnuts.To make this holiday decoration, a cloche with a miniature stage lit by an interchangeable led candle:

shadow box pantry help

Shadow Box Pantry Help.

With the help of a shadow box and four cans, I now can find all those little packages and packets of food I had all over the kitchen!

rustic diy tic tac toe board

Rustic DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Board

Christmas shopping can be tough. My kids both had birthdays a couple of months ago and still have toys that are unopened and not yet played with. I’m not super excited to contribute even more to that mess. Making something by hand for them feels better to me than buying something new off the shelf. This rustic DIY tic-tac-toe board is something that the boys can play together and also something that will look nice left out on the coffee table as decor. Win, win.

upcycle curtain rings to create five different upcycled christmas deco

Upcycle Curtain Rings to Create Five Different Upcycled Christmas Deco

Do you have a box of curtain rings waiting for inspiration? They are perfect for making a variety of Christmas decorations with a few materials you have to hand.

classic style bedroom vanity

Classic Style Bedroom Vanity

A client of mine was in the need for a classic bedroom vanity. He didn't know exactly what he was looking for, so after a bit of conversation with him, I came up with a sketch in my mind. Take a look at the vanity I built for him!

mini wreaths for kitchen cabinets

Mini Wreaths for Kitchen Cabinets

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year to decorate! I tend to decorate every room in the house! I'm all about saving money and it especially applies during the holidays. I always thought that the looks of wreaths on kitchen cabinets was so cute. I looked into buying small small wreaths for our cabinets, but the ones I liked were way too expensive for my budget. To save myself lots of money I didn't have to spare, I decided to make some small wreaths to add to the cabinet doors in our kitchen.I'm going to show you how I made these cute wreaths for less than $1 each!

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How do I make metal look old?

We made this table and a matching bench and would love some feedback. The bolts are shiny. Please help us age them. Thanks.

q how do i make metal look old

Why isn't my sunflower bud not blooming?

The bud has appeared two weeks ago, but it doesn't open up. I also see that the leaves are becoming yellow. How long is it going to take to bloom?

q my sunflower bud is not blooming

How can I makeover this bookcase?

Large open back brown bookcase, over 50 years old, needs new color, something to make it more appealing . Thought of whitewashing and distress it so brown shows thru some, but maybe adding a trim or enclosing the back? I like western decor so any ideas?

q bookcase makeover

Is this a spike in my Phalaenopsis?

If it is, it just about stays that way..doesn't get taller or produce 'bulbs".

q is this a spike in my phalaenopsis

How do you prevent thin Fimo from braking?

All the time when i cook little Fimo charms if by mistake i drop on (once cooked) if it falls on a thin part it will brake, and a lot of the time my best charms get destroyed, i always stick them back on with super-glue but they are always wobbly after that, the picture below is the first ever one i broke.

q how do you prevent thin fimo from braking

How do I make sure my Fimo doesn't crumble?

Sometimes when i buy new Fimo, then i open it the Fimo becomes like sand and starts crumbling, it takes ages to work through and warm up this sand like Fimo, most of the time this only happens with the "Fimo effect". Please help me because it takes hours of hard work to make the whole pack soft.

q how do i make sure my fimo doesn t crumble

Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help!see all

How can I make my small kitchen and bay window more user friendly?

My small kitchen doesn't exactly feel like the heart of the home. There is a smallish bay window area adjacent to kitchen and the table tends to make walkway cluttered and too narrow.

q how can my small u shaped kitchen bay window dining be user friendly

Where should I put my pavers and stepping stones?

Hello!I have a small patio that I want to fix up. As you can see from the pictures I have gravel, small square bricks, 12 x 12's, pavers and breeze bricks.Where should I place them?!* My area is about 12' x 15'* Don't mind the mess - just showing you my area

q where should i put my pavers and stepping stones

How can I turn my kitchen window into a chalkboard command center?

Hello beautiful people!!! I have a window (see photo) behind my kitchen sink that open's into a four season room. I had an idea of turning it into a chalkboard command center and i could also do a magnetic spice holder for my spices. Can you paint glass with chalk paint??? It is a large area that I feel is waisted space that could be utilized.

q window chalkboard

Should I put vinyl flooring over tile?

As I continue with my kitchen research I have now confirmed that my flooring is not lineoleum but indeed tile. Thank you all with the previous question and answers. Having a party and helpful friends confirmed it. A friend of mine did suggest though about putting vinyl flooring OVER tile? I never heard this before and thought I would reach out to the hometalk fans for answers, advice and thoughts. I thank everyone in advice. Once again here is the picture of our TILE flooring.

q putting vinyl flooring over tile

Watch video tutorials

Planter Box

How to make a DIY planter box from pallet.Planes at no cost using an old pallet, DIY, very simple shortly a wooden door to put in the houseStep by step guide on how to build this flowerpot from recycled palletsIn this video we show you how to build a planter box with wood. If you want to grow plants and keep your garden looking good at the same time, this beautiful wooden planter box will do just that. Hello to everyone, and good funthank'spallet flower pot

How to Paint Fabric / Upholstery

Video Included below:Well it only took a few months to get to, this cute little bench!! The fabric was in great shape but not going to work in my house. If you are not up for reupholstering something this is a great alternative that is easy, inexpensive and great for saving a piece from clashing with your decor.How to paint fabric, is the number one requested how to I get. For most, it is overwhelming to get started so I hope this helps. I do recommend practicing on something like a Goodwill pillow with the same type of fabric you are wanting to tackle. Practice makes perfect. But if you are like me just go for it.How to Paint Fabric:Clean Fabric: I used a vacuum attachment.Protect: Use Painters tape to protect any wood or painted surfaces close to your fabric.Paint:I used our new color Linen & Lace. Lucky me the entire piece was getting the same color.I started with a 70/30 Paint/Water mixture for the first coat on the fabric. This makes it easier to get into the fabric details and soak the fibers.Once dry I lightly sanded with fine grit sandpaper.Clean after sanding.Next coat I painted with full strength paint. If you have a higher pile (thicker fabric) you may need to dilute again.Lightly sand again and then wipe down with a slightly damp wash rag.Optional: GlazeGlaze or age your piece, this is not required, I have several pieces I’ve painted and never added VAX or reVAX. I still have some outdoor cushions I painted years ago. One side was VAXed and the other side wasn’t. Still no issues years later. The side I VAXed is a little easier to clean bird poo off when sprayed with a hose.Glaze:I glazed the entire bench using White reVAX to give this piece depth and highlight the details.Apply heavily in small sections and wipe away with a damp wash rag.RepeatHuge change, little work.Nothing like a cheap, fun makeover.TipsWhat kind of fabric is it? Thicker or taller fabric pile works better with just a little more water. I recommend the first coat be more of a 60/40 paint/water mixture. This will help get better fabric coverage.Sanding in between coats helps keep the pile from standing up stiffly.If your fabric has a design in it like tapestry or stripes that design will still show, embrace it!You might require more coats to cover darker or thicker fabric.How does it feel? It feels like faux leather or a thick canvas drop cloth. Best way I can explain it.Does it come off on your clothes? No.1 Thessalonians 5:18 King James Version (KJV)18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

DIY Ikea Frame Hack

Do you want beautiful frames for your walls, but feel limited by a budget? Check out this amazing project for hacking Ikea frames. We love Ikea's affordable accents, but sometimes we want to add some personal character and create pieces that wow. You can also find the free printable landscape wall art on our blog at Remodelaholic.com.

Planting and Growing Crocus Flower Bulbs - Growing Ornamental Flowers

This season, I’m growing crocus for the first time. Admittedly, I’ve always wanted to plant these bulbs, but I’ve just never had any extra money laying around when the time to buy bulbs came. However, I was able to get some – thanks to the wonderful people who watch my videos over on YouTube! It is not often that I get an AdSense check on YouTube, but when I do – the money gets immediately put back into the channel. I’m really hoping to keep it that way, too.