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Budget Boho Lighting

The next time you need a little extra lighting, grab a colander and make this amazing boho-inspired light.

Easy Double Thick Textured Crochet Square Potholder

Potholders hotpads or trivets , whatever you call them , they are absolute essential for your kitchen. Crocheted Potholders are an easy way to spruce up a kitchen. I love…

48-Hour Flip - Bathroom

Changing up your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Check out how I gave mine a new look for under $130.

Vintage Garden Clock

I love vintage garden tools. There is so much you can create with them! Grab some of your favorites and join me to make this project.

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Poisonous Lantana?

So, I recently learned that lantana is terribly poisonous to horses and cattle. I thought the poster must have been exaggerating but as I read through the comments, every…

Unfamiliar flowering plant?

Can anyone tell me what this flowering plant is? It is very pretty cones up every spring and blooms. I didn’t plant it yet I have maybe 8 plants.

How to fix Patio issue?

Needing help with this area that has washed away the little amt of dirt that was there & as you can see needs to be addressed.my hubby would like to add concrete up to th…

How can I paint over mother of pearl? this table is yellow

How can I paint over this cocktail table or whiten it up? It is very creamy yellow and my decor is white blue & grey

How do I remove the back of this chair? TIA

Does anyone have any idea how to prise this apart so that I can re-cover it?

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DIY Amazing Bottle Art Using Paper Bags

Create a very cool and modern bottle art for your drawing room using just paper bags and a bottle!!

Dollar Store Bowl Hack

Grab a couple of bowls the next time you are at the store to make this gorgeous candle for your outdoor space.

Stenciled Sidewalk Power Wash Hack

You will never go back to a boring sidewalk after seeing what I do with a stencil and my power washer! You can see more of my crazy creations here

Dramatic Backflow Incense Burner

Backflow Incense Burner Upcycled and Easy to Make! This is a follow up Incense Burner tutorial since the pervious Dramatic Incense Burner video is popular! There will be…

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Make Art for Your Home With Dollar Store Makeup

Powdered eyeshadow can be used to tint pictures and comes in an amazing range of colors to make artwork for your home. We've made a longer video with six project with lot…

Sunny Summer Crochet Doily Tutorial and Free Pattern

Makeover A Boring Mirror Using Chalk Paint, Silicone Molds And Epoxy

I came across this plain, dark floor mirror and decided I just had to give it a makeover!I used Renaissance Chalk Paint in the colors Ivory Tower and Misty River along wi…

Easy Bee Patio Décor Craft/DIY Using Dollar Tree Items!

Today I'm going to share with you a simple and easy Summer Farmhouse Bee Patio Pillow Décor using humble Dollar Tree items. Its appropriate to decorate your home for Sum…

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These hometalkers need your help! see all

Uneven brick on several walls of new construction.

We are building a home and have hired a Brick Mason who came highly recommended. He did a fabulous job on the side and back of our house however he had to start jumping a…

How do I unstick a glass sliding curio cabinet door?

Just bought a vintage display cabinet with sliding glass doors. Apparently only checked one door (my bad) as I’ve now found the other doesn’t open. Any suggestions on how…

How to find out the furniture maker of Antique China Cabinet?

Hello, i recently purchased this China cabinet, the back of the cabinet has this stamp. Does anyone know how i could find out the maker and approx year it was made..thank…

How do i redo my pantry?

Our kitchen is being remodeled and the only thing we are struggling with is our pantry. Any ideas on what we could do? It's 37 in deep. 30 in wide and 80 in high. Please…

Refinish this table?

I scored this Mersman table for $5! Sadly, someone did an awful job painting it black. I’d love to strip to the natural wood, but don’t know what to use and how to do it.…

How can I clean this beautiful candle stick?

I have had this for a very long time. I’ve tried cleaning it with toothpaste, ketchup, Dawn. Those have not worked. These are pictures. It’s very difficult to read the wo…

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DIY : Upcycle a Biryani Handi ( Pot )

Convert a handi (pot) into a planter thus creating an aesthetic looking piece instead of throwing it in the dustbin!! We can play our role in making the earth greener!!

DIY Plant Hanger

A DIY Plant Hanger with supplies from Dollar Tree!

Favorite Candlestick Birdhouses! – Designs By Gaddis

How to Make a Candlestick BirdhouseUsing Dollar Tree Bird Houses!

My Dining Room Chandelier Makeover-Before and After

Have you ever wanted to do a chandelier makeover? Many of the chandelier makeovers that I researched, involved painting a fixture, replacing the various parts, etc. When…