paint and restore a vintage library table

Paint and Restore a Vintage Library Table

I found this antique library table at a consignment store a few weeks ago and thought it was just...

farmhouse key holder

Farmhouse Key Holder

An easy to put together farmhouse style keychain holder.

a unique chippy frame

A Unique Chippy Frame

Sometimes leftover pieces from the workshop just work!While looking through my pile of scrap wood I...

one ringy dingy

One Ringy Dingy!

I bought an outdated solid wood telephone table/chair. I knew it could look better than what it...

halloween wizard of oz witch legs

Halloween - Wizard of OZ Witch Legs

Let the decorating begin!Ever since I’ve seen stripped tights for witch legs I’ve wanted to make...

diy fall vase

DIY Fall Vase

DIY Fall decor is a great way to save money but also add something new to your home! Decorate for...

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How to brighten a staircase ?

I have a stairway that needs perking up.

q how to brighten a staircase

How do I square up stick and peel vinyl tile?

I am removing carpet from the master bath and it abuts to a strip of...

q how do i square up stick and peel vinyl tile

What can I do in my steps?

I have 6 steps a landing then 6 more steps. They are carpeted and I...

q what can i do in my steps

How do I paint and seal my outdoors fire pit?

Hi you all, I have been painting my outdoor fire pit with a high heat...

q how do i paint and seal my outdoors fire pit

Can someone tell me why my red peppers are growing like this :- (?

i have attached a pic of it and how it looks when it gets to this...

q can someone tell me why my red peppers are growing like this

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improved television stand

Improved Television Stand

My daughter bought a new 55" television and it didn't fit on her existing TV stand.

how to stencil a rug

How to Stencil a Rug

When I wanted to add some color to my deck, I came up with a budget friendly way without spending a...

never ending kitchen soap dispenser

Never Ending Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Today one of my biggest kitchen pet peeves is solved! That would be the built in soap dispenser that...

galvanized pumpkin

Galvanized Pumpkin

I've been seeing these galvanized strap pumpkins everywhere and knew that I could make one myself.

make a cute autumn banner

Make A Cute Autumn Banner

I looked everywhere online for a cute Autumn banner for my Fall mantel, but couldn't find one....

grow papaya in containers

Grow Papaya in Containers

Ever consider growing papaya? Neither did I until I started experimenting with "gardening for free"...

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How To Stencil a Spooky Skull Damask Wall

Hey there! Ever craved a bold accent wall but didn’t know where to start? Well, we have a unique...

DIY Cupcake Tray for a Party

My little girl had her 6th birthday and she wanted and all pink Princess Birthday! We had a blast...

Bridal Show Floral Arrangement

This is way to construct a big floral arrangement. I hope you can do it.

Chinese Evergreen Care & Growing Tips

Algaonemas aka Chinese Evergreens are easy houseplants to care for with beautiful foliage in a...