cute diy pinecone christmas tiles

Cute DIY Pinecone Christmas Tiles

Every morning I when I walk my dog, Toby, I pass a tree that shreds the cutest littlest pinecones. I can't help but stop and pick a few up and pocket them.I have used a couple of these pinecones in the past with some cute upcycled Christmas cloches I made (see here). I decided to use these pinecones in a totally different way and make a lovely fall/Christmas decoration for my mantle.

how to stencil an accent wall

How to Stencil an Accent Wall

If you are looking to add character to a room or space in your home, think about stenciling an accent wall. Stencils are very inexpensive, easily customizable as far as colors and sometimes sizes, and they turn out absolutely gorgeous. If you are willing to put the time in, you can create a gorgeous focal wall in your home using a stencil.

ez stain glass windows

EZ Stain Glass Windows

My husband purchased a beautiful stained glass bison for me in the spring. I have it hanging in a window in our sitting room. Across the room is an outside door with glass in the top I wanted to stain.

fall picnic decor challenge

Fall Picnic Decor Challenge

So Fall/Autumn and Winter are my favorite time of year, and so I love to decorate for these 2 seasons, all though I never seem to have enough to decorate with! A few years ago we move out of one house into another, and I didn’t realize until months later that I left my Tun with ALL my Fall decor, so I’m starting from scratc.

how to clear a clogged sink drain without chemicals

How to Clear a Clogged Sink Drain (Without Chemicals)

If your sink drain is backing up, try these simple steps to clean out the trap before you shell out money for a plumber (or a liquid plumber).And for more easy home maintenance and DIY tips that anyone can do, be sure to follow me over at Single Girl's DIY.

wooden floor front porch

Wooden Floor Front Porch

When we purchased our home the entrance front porch floor was painted in a burgundy gloss paint, it was peeling, it was ugly and I was done looking at it!

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Answer DIY questions

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Change of color for home, and need color ideas?

its a feminine victorian. i want to change the color. what color should i paint the brick foundation, the body, the windows, roof shingles. i wanted pink but i want to be realistic.

q change of color

Rope handle large plastic bins?

I have about 6 large plastic bins and would like a repurposing idea to decorate them to use as planters?

q rope handle large plastic bins

How can I rid my grass and flower beds of thistle safely for animals

My lawn and flower bed are being overtaken by these prickly weeds. We used weed n feed at appropriate times but they are even more aggressive.

q how can i rid my grass and flower beds of thistle safely for animals

How to fix faux leather?

I have a faux leather base of a coffee table that been chewed from my then puppy.

q how to fix

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farmhouse kitchen awning

Farmhouse Kitchen Awning

I made these farmhouse style awnings for my kitchen windows, but really they would be great anywhere - playroom, bedroom, etc.

diy pallet tiki bar

DIY Pallet Tiki Bar

We’ve been talking about building a pallet tiki bar for a LONG time. We had this perfect empty spot in our back yard under a palm tree that was just screaming for a bar! My husband dubbed it the TreeKee bar instead of the Tiki Bar since we planned to use the tree as part of the actual bar. Confused? Don’t be. Keep reading to find out how we did it.Step 1 – Measure and map out the area…We played around with a layout and decided we were going to use 2 pallets in the front to make the actual bar area. Each pallet is 4 ft wide which would make it 8 ft across. We felt this would comfortably seat 4 bar stools. We knew we'd need at least 6 posts to hold up the pallets and the roof. As for the roof we planned to put one on, but the tree branches would remain on the roof as part of the ‘tiki look’.

how to make a mason jar mold so fun

How to Make a Mason Jar Mold (So Fun!)

Ever wish you had a way to make a mold of your favorite things? Say... a mason jar? I've combined 3 ingredient to make these one of a kind mold you can use for anything! Here's how to make them:Please note - do NOT use this DIY to make molds used for food or items you will ingest.

how to remove a water stain from your wood furniture in 5 minutes


I was given a beautiful solid wood side-board from my mom when she sold her house. I loved everything about it, everything except the big water stain in the top corner! It had been caused by a cold drink on a hot day. And the stain had been there for as long as I can remember.I didn’t want to paint it because I really loved the chestnut finish. And the rest was in perfect condition. And I don’t have much experience was re-staining and my previous attempts had not been hugely successful.So I decided to try my best to remove the stain…

update a wall with trim

Update a Wall With Trim

We all love an inexpensive project that brings a high-end look to a room so check this one out!

thone of kings queens re vamp challenge

Throne of Kings & Queens Re-Vamp Challenge

My bathroom was begging for a change. I felt it everytime I went in the little room. So I decided to honor her wish and do a little update in the throne room. I started the redo by painting a small table to place in corner. The painting of this table was one of my previous post. Once I completed the table, I decided to add a frame around my mirror. This was also in a previous post. So far so good. Next, I bought a metal tray with four glass bottles. The bottles had plain white tops. So I used some old kitchen knobs and glue them on top of th lids. So cute. I placed bath supplies in the jars and put the tray on the back of the commode. I purchased a new ruffled shower curtain, love it. I had picked up a couple of metal letters at a yard sale. They are the first letters of our first names. The letters were S & D. They were prefect for our bathroom. So I hung them over the commode. I loved the little bathroom signs that say “Get Naked.So I found a small, round, black board shape and painted Get Naked on it. I hung the sign on the back, of the door by the guest towel. The bathroom is definitely updated and fun.

Watch video tutorials

DIY Basket Wall

If you know me you know I’m obsessed with a good basket wall! This is a trend that I can’t let go of.When it comes to basket walls I do not strive for perfection. What I think is cool about them is the imperfection! Baskets add so much to a space like color, texture, and warmth. The coolest thing about this project is its easy, affordable, and anyone can do it!

How to Make a 'Creepy' Concrete Pumpkin!

If you were one of the 15 million that viewed our video on how to make a concrete pumpkin two years ago, you probably have your own pumpkin that is in need of a little attention. We have several concrete pumpkins which we have left in the Florida elements for two years. They were in need of cleaning and new paint.Instead of just painting them, we decided to give our 'happy' pumpkins a little 'creepy' makeover with a little more concrete and paint. You'll find the tutorial in our Workshop Wednesday show above. You can watch the entire thing, but you can also fast forward to 3:35 to watch just the tutorial.

Upcycled Pumpkins for Halloween Display

We are having a Halloween party this year and before I get to all the house cleaning and yard work, well I had to make a few decorations! With these upcycled pumpkins I am calling the front display complete. And I am out of excuses for postponing my other chores.

Uplift an Old Basket

A few months back I bought a couple of baskets from a thrift store (charity shop here in the UK) but they weren't quite my style. I decided it was time to jump on the pompom trend and update the basket.