How to Paint Furniture

Considering your first furniture painting project and don't know where to start? If you're a beginner, or even a seasoned DIY-er, we have the articles, videos, tutorials, and discussions to get you started. Here's what you need to know about painting everything from tables to dressers and nightstands to chairs. You got this.

Updating Furniture With Paint
Prep the furniture
Clean the piece with solution and a rag, and remove any hardware including drawers and doors.
Make sure to protect yourself
Stripping furniture, using a power sander and even paint can be harmful, which is why heavy duty gloves and protective eyewear are a must.
Strip and sand your piece
In some cases, furniture will need to be stripped before anything is done. In all cases, furniture should be lightly sanded.
Paint with your desired color
Layer thin coats of paint on the furniture, allowing it to dry in between each coat to prevent uneven surfaces.
Protecting your furniture
Use a polyurethane varnish as the final coat to protect the finished piece, enabling the new paint to last longer.
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How to Build a Bench in 60 Seconds - Cheater Method

Ok...SPOILER ALERT... so, this bench isn't 100% done. But, the initial assembly is around 44 seconds with the cups on the floor. I realized belatedly that I shouldn't have started with the cups already spaced out so let's call it a minute instead. All the pieces that I am using, come, as is, and ready to go in Lowes/Home Depot, Target and the craft stores. There is absolutely no cutting involved in building this bench. I used 2 stair treads, 2 crates and 6 heavy duty plastic storage cups. Could it be any more simple than that? As soon as I paint and stain it and decide what must be permanently attached, I will update this tutorial. For now this is just an idea that was too good to wait to share with all of you!For new ways to update this look, see!!!! The lumber dept guys at Home Depot took the time to analyze my bench and give me their opinions of how sturdy it is and how much weight it will support. The following is how I interpreted their analysis. They said up / down weight is not the issue. The stair treads on top of the wood crates supported like my picture would hold a great deal of weight. Possibly, even as much as 800 lbs to 900 lbs. Stair treads are specifically made to withstand a great deal of weight. They told me the boards are not going to break. The weakest part of this bench is when there is side to side movement aka horsin' around. Two adults scooting back and forth side to side is when it would be at its weakest point. To make this super strong, they suggested lag bolts for a secure hold. I think wood screws and wood glue will probably support most people's general use of this bench but go to the experts if you need more advice!! Stay tuned for a new bench entirely made from Home Depot items. Not sponsored by them in any way... just was there and I have wanted to make another bench for a while now.

I Painted an Upholstered Chair!

Have you ever painted upholstery? I have seen lots of videos of people converting the look of fabric-covered furniture into pieces that look like leather! They claim that the fabric actually feels like leather - or at least faux leather. Some of the people use chalk paint then wax while others use latex or acrylic paint and add fabric softener or fabric medium to the paint. While I've considered giving this technique a try, I was not willing to test it on a piece of furniture that I use all the time at home.

DIY How to Build a Kitchen Nook

Hey everyone! In this How to I am going to show you a few ways to save money when building a kitchen nook. a lot of money actually because these few tips allow you to only need half the material. hope you enjoy it!Another thing. this is a LARGE project BUT its actually quite simple. Don't let the size of the build scare you. its really just straight cuts and building a rectangle, i promise! plus most hardware stores will do you big (or all) cuts to help if your solo or don't have a table saw!

Grab a Shower Curtain for This Gorgeous Table Flip!

I had an old table that needed a little love - it needed a coat of paint, but I decided not to stop there! Check out the video for more how-to's!

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