Revamp it by wrapping it in manila rope

A little rope, spray paint, and a dollar store trash can and you’ve got an industrial chic piece (The Navage Patch). Get tutorial here

Stack it with mismatched driftwood

Take apart a base and place driftwood on the stem that’s leftover. It’s too gorgeous! (Tara). Get tutorial here

Build a stunning base out of spare crutches

Disassemble, stain and reassemble them to get a gorgeous new standing lamp (Scott. V). Get tutorial here

Dress up a simple base with bottle rings

Glue leftover plastic rings, spray paint it and watch it turn into a work of art (Tresha. A). Get tutorial here

Fill it with natural elements

Unscrew the shade and fill the base with any seasonal decor to create a mood for your room (The Blissful Bee). Get tutorial here

Cover it in Sharpie

Draw symbols and patterns over the lamp’s base to copy some of the most gorgeous high end designs(Casa Watkins Living). Get tutorial here

Add some bold blue to it with spray paint

This makeover will give you a new chic shade and an even more en vogue base (Melissa. W). Get tutorial here

Make it festive with ornaments

Fill a glass lamp base with glittery ornaments and make it the sparkle in any room! (Bliss at Home). Get tutorial here

Paint it a gorgeous blush color

Rose is always in and a simple paint job can transform the top of your end table (Windgate Lane). Get tutorial here

Class it up with white paint

Get rid of the old 80’s brass with white paint and some twine. It’ll go from blah to elegant! (Grandmas House DIY). Get tutorial here

Fill it with wine corks

Add corks to a glass base and it’ll make your whole room look rustic chic (Dell). Get tutorial here

Make it out of a globe

Drill a hole in it and rewire the globe and you can light up the whole world! Perfect for a kid’s room! (Adrianne.S). Get tutorial here

Paint the boring brass base & make it elegant

Your room will seem a-typical with small but impactful change to your lamp base (Misty). Get tutorial here

Make it from vintage items

Add wiring to an old coffee pot and make it your lamp’s base. Voila, stunning vintage decor! (My Repurposed Life). Get tutorial here