This Upcycled Highboy Dresser is Stunning with the Distressed Look

This Hometalker owned this highboy dresser for many years, which has now been given some upcycling love. Using Velvet Finishes furniture paint, they created a striking layered finish. This was also achieved by using an electric sander to remove parts of the paint to develop that distressed look and accentuate the dresser’s curves. Distressing wooden furniture simply requires you to think of where natural wear and tear would be and create an accent. Get tutorial here

Transforming Guest Room Furniture Using Only Chalk Paint and Wax

If you are fed up with your guest room furniture, be inspired by this Hometalker’s dresser renovation. Using Annie Sloan paint and wax, she was able to bring the rich woodwork to life and provide a magnificent contrast between the vintage drawer handles and the wood itself. The clear and dark wax helped to redefine the texture of the wood - along with a good buff! Get tutorial here

High Gloss Automotive Furniture Paint Transforms This French-Style Dresser

Inspired by a friend’s beautiful glossy blue dresser, this Hometalker experiments with automotive paint. Using a dark wooden dresser, they opted to re-finish it into a high-gloss piece of furniture that oozes French provincial style. This Hometalker believed the best paint for furniture of this kind was from Dupli-Color. She primed the surface, painted and distressed high-traffic surfaces, and finished with a vibrant clear gloss coat. Get tutorial here

From Dilapidated Iron Bench to Quirky Ottoman

Even dilapidated iron benches can have another life, providing you have the vision and the confidence! This iron bench and table set were donated to this Hometalker by a friend, and they immediately set about dismantling the rotten wood and renovating the pretty wrought-iron ends using Rustoleum furniture spray paint. The rotten wood was replaced by premium Baltic birch plywood, and the new-look ottoman was covered using a vibrant indoor/outdoor fabric. Get tutorial here

From Two Vintage Chairs to a Unique Upcycled Chair Bench

This Hometalker’s husband has a penchant for turning vintage chairs into upcycled chair benches. They started by connecting these two vintage chairs using wood braces and slat wood seating. The two chairs became one bench when one of the legs was removed, with the entire seated area reinforced and braced. The furniture paint and stain then added texture to the bench framework and embellished the quality of the wood on the seated area. Get tutorial here

Updating a Tired Kitchen by Painting Cabinets

Do you suffer from a dated kitchen? If your wooden cabinets need freshening up, you could always paint them. Painting the wooden kitchen cabinets was the cheapest and most effective of this Hometalker’s painted furniture ideas. After priming the cabinets, she applied three thin coats of Sherwin Williams furniture paint, painting the base cabinets a warm gray and the upper cabinets a complementary white. The results speak for themselves! Get tutorial here

Upcycling a Discarded Roadside Nightstand into Handy Office Storage

This Hometalker adopted a discarded nightstand from the side of a road and went upcycling crazy on it. They were in the midst of refurbishing their office space and desk, which lacked the storage that their old desk had. They transformed this tired, weathered nightstand into a stylish piece of office storage. They primed all areas to hide all the “nasties” before applying high-gloss enamel furniture paint with a sponge roller, guaranteeing a classy finish. Get tutorial here

Using Furniture Paint to Revitalize Dated Lawn Chair Cushions

Painting cushions might be a new concept for you, but this Hometalker makes it look easy! They recently received some lawn chairs and cushions. Although they liked the chairs themselves, the garish flowery cushions didn’t appeal. As chalk paint furniture ideas go, this is particularly “out there”, but this Hometalker made her own before painting two coats of blue Olympia paint on the cushions. The flowers are no more, and the blue works great with the grey armchairs. Get tutorial here

How to Create an Epoxy Resin Tabletop That’s Ideal for Kids’ Playtime

This Hometalker created a small wooden table for his daughter to use for playtime when he’s getting work done. He opted to create a durable countertop that would be easy to maintain and hard-wearing for his daughter’s play and activities. He chose epoxy resin and mixed a total of five colors within the resin to create a mesmerizing wavy effect on the table that was perfect for hiding blemishes and scratches. Get tutorial here

Upcycling a Baby Changer into a Stylish Drinks Trolley

This Hometalker transformed a $5 baby changing table into a stylish, fully-functioning drinks trolley. After removing the slats from the top of the baby changer, they opted to tile the top of the trolley with a bright mosaic. Once the tiles were grouted and sealed, the framework was covered using Stained Glass Blue Valspar furniture paint. Polycrylic was used as the top coat to get a shiny, smooth finish on top of the initial chalk paint. Get tutorial here

Bringing 1940’s Vintage Back to Life

This 1940’s relic was rescued from the scrapheap and restored to perfect manicured condition. This vintage dresser was originally manufactured as painted furniture, so this Hometalker opted to do just that. Using Paris recipe chalk paint on furniture such as this can look incredibly warm and rich. After hand-painting the white decorative trim and the raised shield on the top drawer, it was given a coat of clear wax to futureproof it for years to come. Get tutorial here

Did You Know You Can Paint Fabric Furniture?

This Hometalker used furniture paint on fabric furniture as a fun alternative to re-upholstering. Before any of the furniture paint could be applied, they dampened the fabric to enable the fibers to accept the paint. A mist-water bottle was utilized for the paint application, lightly misting the fabric in small areas as they went. The paint was sealed with Dixie Belle’s Spray Wax, and the fabric now feels like soft leather to touch. Get tutorial here

Using Stencils and Furniture Spray Paint to Rescue This 1920’s Dresser

This dresser was almost a century old. However, this furniture spray-paint stencil came to its rescue. Although this tired 1920’s dresser was starting to show its age, this Hometalker had exciting, creative plans to upcycle this gentleman’s dresser. After a light sand and some hemp oil, it was ready to paint. The Fusion Coal Black mineral furniture paint looks stunning, along with the Royal Design Studio stencil for the two top drawers. Get tutorial here

How To Paint Ombré Furniture

Ombre is the French word for “shaded”, with this furniture transformed with gradual color changes. This Hometalker walks you through step-by-step how to create ombre furniture using three to five different furniture paint colors. Once you are content with the colors and the blending, leave the furniture to dry as is or consider sealing it with hemp oil or wax. The finished result is quite remarkable and can complement multi-colored interiors with ease. Get tutorial here

How to Use Furniture Paint Without the Need for Sanding

If you hate the mess that sanding makes to furniture before painting, this Hometalker has a solution. Just by cleaning any dust, dirt, or grime from the surface using soap and water, you can ensure the furniture is ready to “take” fresh paint. They also recommend that you paint a small section to test how well your furniture receives fresh paint. Let it dry overnight to get the full effect. If it rubs off with your fingernail, it needs more preparation. Get tutorial here