Upcycled Chair Benches

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My husband loves to collect chairs, me, not so much. He has taken to making benches which actually turn out pretty cool.
Finished White Bench
Finished Lilac
Two vintage chairs, connected with wood braces and slat wood seating. Often chairs just fit together with a new seat, sometimes they need more work. ps...yes, we saved the needlepoint.
These were connected with the seat and a couple additional wood pieces along the back of the piece, you can see one in the finished picture.
The white bench was a bit more work as the circular top had to be cut and connected in a "seemingly" seamless way. Glue and clamps are necessary to ensure a good strong bond.
4 legs become 3 on this piece, the entire seat area is braced and reinforced.
Slatted wood is laid out and cut to size.
Using wood dowels is a strong way to build, it is a bit of work so I am glad my husband likes to spend the time doing this old school- but tried and true method. Drill your holes the size of the dowel, glue and pound in dowel, then cut off and sand level. Yes, you could just nail too and it would be much faster.
The raw edge was sanded and formed to the curve of the piece.
Some paint and stain and she's a stunning piece! Solid too!
This is a chair bench we made to keep ourselves, Using milk paint to achieve a chippy finish and decoupaging with napkins and Mod podge.
Suggested materials:
  • Vintage chairs
  • Wood braces
  • Slat wood seating
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  • Phm25818065 Phm25818065 on Jun 21, 2017

    Hello! How can i contact you about ordering? Thanks! Kimberly

  • Esther Sanchez Esther Sanchez on Jun 29, 2018

    I have 2 chair backs & a broken bench,need help & or info on how to put them together

  • Phi53594888 Phi53594888 on Oct 06, 2022

    How did you turn four legs into 3 and where to the wood backs come from? I love this.

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  • Emily Harris Emily Harris on Apr 21, 2024

    I like it!

  • Omaifi Omaifi on Apr 21, 2024

    What a great idea to repurpose chairs into benches. It sounds like your husband has a creative knack for furniture design. My partner and I recently moved into a new place, and we're still in the process of furnishing our home. Is bella coastal decor customer service good? There's definitely a lot to consider and explore when looking for the right pieces.