#SpitChallenge, Unicorn Spit Turns Aluminum Foil Into Art.

by Joyce
You will need a piece of aluminum foil,( a little larger then what you will be glueing it to ), masking tape, I used mod podge ( open to other suggestions), something to glue it to....I used a 7"x9" canvas, Unicorn spit, and a sealant.
Began by crumpling up your foil by squeezing it together,( do NOT crumple it into a ball or it will tare when trying to take it apart).
Flatten out your foil by gently rolling it or flatten with your hand, laying the shine side down. I used mod podge glue, but I think next time I will try a spray adhesive. I used a dollar store canvas 7"x9" to wrap my foil around. Make sure to leave some extra foil to come up the sides and around to the back.
Next I wrapped tightly, but be careful not to pull to hard or you will rip the foil. Then I just flattened the corners together.
I then used masking tape to hold the aluminum foil in place.
sprits with a little water.You are now ready to create.
For this project I used Zia Teal, Lemon Kiss, and Molly Red Pepper unicorn Spit.
Start by putting the darkest colour first.
Play with it till you are happy with your creation.
Remove any excess Unicorn Spit, by laying a paper towel over and gently dabbing. If you removed to much just add more colour.
Let dry.
Spay a sealant, I used Krylon varnish. Once dry I finished the back by adding a piece of cardstock (or cardboard) to cover up the masking tape and foil to give it a nice clean finish. The picture does not do it justice.
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