Think Concrete Decor Sounds Hideous? Wait Till You See These 9 Ideas

Hometalk Highlights
by Hometalk Highlights
Honestly, we would never in a million years think of decorating our homes with concrete. Seeing that gritty grey gloop brings to mind bright hard hats and gag-inducing construction smell.
Photo via Sara @Sincerely Sara D
See what we mean? YUCK! But these 9 incredible ideas are about to change how you see concrete for good!

1. Make a colorful plant stand

Project via Amanda @Dwelling in Happiness
With just $5 dollars and a bucket, you can make your own industrial-meets-modern plant stand, perfect for displaying sweet succulent terrariums or other greenery. Careful though - it can be a little bit messy!

2. Press pretty leaves into DIY stepping stones

Project via Stephanie @Garden Therapy
Want a fun detail to add to your garden? Press interesting leaves into gritty concrete molds, to create personalized stepping stones for $2 each!

3. Mold your own geometric planters

Project via Brent+Courtney @Gray House Studio
Make a free mold using pieces of a cardboard box and tape, for this chic planter design that will help you fill the corners of your home with greenery.

4. Update an outdated vanity

Tanya @Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body
If your budget won't fit a new bathroom vanity, cover the one you've got in a smooth concrete finish, to make your bathroom look as gorgeous as this!

5. Upcycle some elegant candle holders

Project via Rhonda @Sprouts and Stuff
Raid your recycling bin and create tall candle holders using empty Pringles containers or coffee cans.

6. Create a double duty piece

Project via June @Nostaliecat
Gather up some empty plastic containers, and then, for less than $10, make an expensive looking mold that has room for tea lights, or tiny cacti. This DIYer used the cleanest thing to mold this dirty stuff!

7. Cover a boring table top

Project via Sara @Sincerely Sara D
Give your sweet wood furniture an industrial update, by coating the table top in concrete. That rough, grey finish is just the trick to bring out the lustrous wood details, and it's much easier than you would think!

8. Build a bubbling garden fountain

Project via Charlotte @Ciburbanity
Add a trickling soundtrack to your garden on the cheap, with a concrete fountain made from an old globe and some cardboard molds.

9. Design your own high-impact lamp shade

Project via June @Nostalgiecat
Make a concrete lamp shade trimmed with gold leaf, to give your home a high-impact dose of modern for just $15!

Mind. Blown. Which is your favorite?
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