Divide and Conquer: 6 Ways to Separate a Room

by BrightNest
A super open floor plan may have seemed like a great idea when you first moved in (“perfect for entertaining!”), but now you're starting to realize less isn't always more. Sure, having one big space instead of multiple, smaller rooms is great for parties, but it also means you lose precious wall space (read: privacy). And before you know it, you can't hear the newest episode of House Hunters because someone is doing the dishes in the kitchen. Not cool.
Ready to divvy up shared space in your home? Restore some definition to your rooms by trying one of these unique divider ideas:
1. Wine crates.
Wine crates are like Tetris for your home – you can create a traditional-looking wall or stack them from high to low for a diagonal divider. Tip: Hollow out the backs for an open flow or keep them as is for more privacy.
2. Bookcase.

If you already own a bookcase, your room divider battle is halfway done! All you need to do is rearrange that ‘case, so it acts as a makeshift wall. Keep it vertical or flip the case horizontally for a half-wall divider. Bonus: The flat backside of the case can become an artwork hotspot in your home.

3. Window frame.

Window frames hinged together can divide up a space into functional zones while still creating an airy vibe. Your home will feel like summertime all the time with this room divider option!

4. Shower curtain.

Before you say “no way, Jose,” hear us out! Adding a shower curtain to a metal coat rack happens to look awesome. You can even add wheels to the bottom, so you can slide it out of the way at a moment’s notice. Check out Kootut Murut for the full tutorial.
5. Fireplace screen.

If you want a room divider – but you aren’t looking for a full wall per say – a fireplace screen is a great choice. This style may not block sounds, but it gets the visual-divider job done.

6. Cable wire curtain.

For a more permanent solution, purchase and install a cable wire system like this one from Pottery Barn. You can hang colorful curtains or fabric across the cable wire. Close them for a little extra privacy and tie them back when you want to open up the room again!

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