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So I am sure we have all had some frustrations with food storage containers at one point or another. My food storage container cabinet was a stinkin' hot mess, so I decided to get a little organized. I decided to combine a couple of different methods I have seen used before. Most of these food storage container organization options can be found at a dollar store and are a great way to get it together! With a file organizer, a dish dry rack, and a bin you too can get your food storage containers in order!

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Guys... this seriously wasn't staged... How sad is this madness? In my defense the lids were more organized a couple days ago, but things got moved around when I needed a bin in the back, and, well, there you have it... madness! Clearly this project was done out of necessity.
STEP 1: Match Up All of Your food storage containers Make sure all the food storage containers you have has its matching lid... if you are anything like me you will have some random extras that can be tossed out. Some lids I found I had literally never seen. It's a little ridiculous.
STEP 2: Put Your Lids in the Drying Rack Once you make sure all of your food storage containers are worth keeping, it is time to start organizing! First, grab your dish drying rack. Take all of your small lids and tuck them into the cutlery drying pocket.
Now take all of your other lids and place them in the plate slots. I organized them by shape and size so that I know where to look from now on!
STEP 3: Stack Your Food Storage Containers in Bins Now grab your bin(s) and stack your food storage containers in the most organized manner you can, and place them in the bin so they fit nicely but also in a neat manner.
STEP 4: Place the Rack and Bin into Your Cabinet Now tuck your bin and dish drying rack back into the cabinet in whichever order you find fitting. I live in an apartment in Brooklyn, so I don't have a ton of cabinet space to spread these out as nicely as I would like, but this is already SOOOO much better than what I had going on.
STEP 5: Drill Your Folder Organizer Onto Your Cabinet Door Now grab your folder organizer and a drill (and a couple screws) and secure it to the door, making sure there is clearance for the door to close without the bin hitting the items inside the cabinet. Once it is secured in place, fill it with any extra or strange shaped lids that didn't fit in the dish drying rack.
Look at all that beauty! I am seriously so pumped at this simple and cheap fix!
Of course you could just use several bins to store both lids and containers, but I kind of like that each lid has it's own little space.
As you can see there is plenty of clearance for the door to close with the desk organizer attached.

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  • SandyW SandyW on Dec 24, 2020

    I bought a bunch of stacking containers and lids of different sizes. Store them all in one basket.

  • Patty Peterson Patty Peterson on Dec 26, 2020

    THOSE plastic products pictured are NOT "Tupperware". Tupperware is brand name for a higher quality food safe product. ALL of their products save space, and you'd never see that kind of an "overload", because with Tupperware brand products, most will nest inside each other and many serve multiple purposes, which save space. You can find me on FB, I'd be happy to show you.

  • Kerry Evans Kerry Evans on Feb 06, 2021

    Don't you hate those obnoxious shelves with the short shelf at the top?! I have them in my rental too. They are not conducive to easy storing! I think you did a good thing here, thank you for sharing. I have a set of lock n lock that are supposed to store all together, but if any is in use or in the sink it just doesn't work that way!


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  • Bunny D. from Georgia Bunny D. from Georgia on Aug 07, 2021

    Am I missing something?! I reread her instructions and couldn’t find ‘Tupperware’ mentioned anywhere. Great suggestions Amanda! But, yes I have lots of Tupperware in all brands, all sodas are ‘Coke’s’, all tissues are ‘Kleenex’ and all SUVs are Jeeps! 😂 I’m just a product of good PR campaigns and a time when those ‘names’ were the only products available.

    • Ann Beck Ann Beck on Aug 12, 2021

      Thank you and I’m sorry Mrs Bunny, I didn’t see your reply! My reply is kinda sorta like yours!

  • Catherine Nicholas Catherine Nicholas on Nov 21, 2021

    What an easy and good idea

    . Im a secret warrior in a helplessfemsle disguise so i got hubby to do this. Now hes showing everyone "his" , idea thanks x