Recycled Truck Tailgate to Wall Art

Leslie D
by Leslie D
2 Hours
We saw a couple of tailgates painted and turned into wall art while vacationing and shopping in Palm Springs, done by one of their local artists. It was priced at almost $1000, and we didn't think it was THAT cool, so we've been on the lookout for a vintage tailgate ever since. On a chance stop at one of our local antique shops, we found this rusty piece of gold and talked the owner down to $75, half what he wanted for it. Some artist's acrylic paint and glossy sealer, and about 2 hours of time was all it took to make our own.
BEFORE: Rusty old Tailgate found in an antique shop for $75
AFTER: A couple of hours with some acrylic paint and glossy sealer turned it into a cool piece of wall art.
INSPIRATION: These are the two pieces by the artist in Palm Springs.
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