Fold Copper For Shelving

Place the black shelf brackets into the wall, then fold and glue the copper down on itself. Get tutorial here

Brush On Textured Wallpaper

Clean the walls with bleach, soak the wallpaper for 30 minutes, and place on the wall. Get tutorial here

Hang Up A Curtain Rod

Measure the placement desired for the Command hooks, and hang the rod on the hooks. Get tutorial here

Snip Contact Paper For Wallpaper

Cut out contact paper big enough to fit your wall and snip out the wallpaper, then apply with spray adhesive. Get tutorial here

Use A Pencil To Create Shiplap

Measure out the length you desire for the shiplap and draw. Get tutorial here

Grout Pennies Over Your Walls For Backsplash

Cut out and apply sticky wall mats to the area you want the backsplash, then press on the pennies and seal with grout. Get tutorial here

Peel And Stick Tile For Flooring

Use a heat gun to soften the caulk, cut the tiles to size, and press onto the wall’s surface. Get tutorial here

Cover Cabinets In Film From Home Depot

Take out the glass pane from the cabinet, spread on the film, and replace in the cabinet. Get tutorial here

Drill Mason Jars In For Spice Storage

Hot glue the tops, mount lids to the underside of the cabinet, and screw the jars into the lids. Get tutorial here

Paint Your Kitchen Table Metallic Blue

Sand down the surface of the table, brush on a primer, and paint on the metallic color. Get tutorial here

Make A Magnetic Knife Holder With A Ruler

Drill holes into the back of the ruler, and drop ½” by ⅛” thick neodymium magnets. Get tutorial here

Display Kitchen Knives In Bamboo Skewers

Completely fill the vase with skewers, trim down to the size of the container, and put the knives in blade down. Get tutorial here

Place Baking Supplies On Pegs

Cut down the pegboard into the size of the drawer, spray white, and place the supplies on the pegs. Get tutorial here

Spread Marble Contact Paper On Your Microwave

Simply peel and stick the contact paper onto the surface of the microwave, and use a squeegee to smooth out. Get tutorial here

Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets

Begin by priming the cabinets with Gripper Primer, and let the gel stain dry instead of wiping it off. Get tutorial here