Cover them in fabric for classy storage bins

Add chalkboard labels, so you’ll always know what you’re storing. Get tutorial here

Create a triangular shoe-rack

This clever design is perfect for all types of shoes. Get tutorial here

Add handles and fabric for pull-out shelves

You’ll never need to buy another fabric storage box again. Get tutorial here

Transform it into a wooden box with shims

Add slabs of wood on the front for a deceptive look. Get tutorial here

Create a mobile craft center

Organize all your sequins and ribbons with this clever idea. Get tutorial here

Wrap it in burlap for a cute bathroom box

It’s the perfect spot for your soaps and lotions. Get tutorial here

Add patterned sticker roll

This quick hack will have you matching your boxes to your kitchen in no time. Get tutorial here

Use cardboard dividers to organize tiny items

These mini organizers are great for storing those small things we always lose track of. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a rolling crate

This industrial rolling crate looks great anywhere. Get tutorial here

Create a desk organizer for pens and pencils

...Or note pads, sticky-notes, and anything else you like to have on your desk. Get tutorial here

Use smaller boxes to organize your drawers

This is the perfect solution for organizing your junk drawer. Get tutorial here