homemade natural christmas decorations using citrus fruits spices

Homemade Natural Christmas Decorations Using Citrus Fruits & Spices

Do you like your holiday decor au naturel? Well then, this inspiration for homemade natural Christmas decorations using fruits & spices is for you. You'll find tips to make it easy & better.

how to care for a hoya houseplant

How To Care For A Hoya Houseplant

Hoyas are stunning & easy care houseplants that you can find in a variety of leaf sizes, colors & textures. I want to share how to care for a Hoya houseplant & what I've learned over many years of growing them.

how to prune a star jasmine that s heat stressed

How to Prune a Star Jasmine That's Heat Stressed

My Star Jasmine suffered from sunburn & heat stress this past summer. Here's how & when to prune a sunburned Star Jasmine (Confederate Jasmine) vine.

how i feed my houseplants naturally with worm compost compost

How I Feed My Houseplants Naturally With Worm Compost & Compost

I'm sharing with you my favorite way to feed my houseplants. Here's how I use worm compost & compost to nourish my indoor garden plus good things to know about how they work, when to do it & more.

dish gardening 101 designing planting care

Dish Gardening 101: Designing, Planting & Care

Want to learn all about dish gardening? You've come to the right place. Here is your ultimate guide to dish gardening 101 including plant choice, design, planting & care.

chinese evergreen care growing tips

Chinese Evergreen Care & Growing Tips

Algaonemas aka Chinese Evergreens are easy houseplants to care for with beautiful foliage in a variety of patterns & colors. Here's all you need to know about caring for & growing Chinese Evergreens.

how to propagate a rubber plant by air layering

How To Propagate A Rubber Plant By Air Layering

My Ficus elastica was getting too tall. See how I propagate my Rubber Plant, step by step, with the air layering method. Find out what other houseplants you can also air layer.

pruning bougainvillea in summer mid season to encourage more bloom

Pruning Bougainvillea In Summer (Mid-Season) To Encourage More Bloom

Why have bougainvillea if it doesn't flower? Pruning bougainvillea in summer, which is mid-season for this colorful landscaping plant, encourages another round of big bloom. Here's how I do it.

why are my snake plant leaves falling over how to fix them

Why Are My Snake Plant Leaves Falling Over? How To Fix Them!

Do you have an occasional Snake Plant leaf falling over? No worries. Here's a guide that tells you why it happens & shows how to prune & propagate your Mother-in-Law / Sansevieria plant.

how to prune woody salvias in summer

How to Prune Woody Salvias In Summer

Perennial salvias grow like crazy throughout the season. They need to be cut back or deadheaded at least once. Pruning salvias in summer is beneficial for overall form & to stimulate flowering. Here's how I pruned 2 overgrown woody salvias which should have been cut back the previous season.

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