How To Add a Velcro Screen Door to Keep Bugs Out

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by Mitch Couch
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Are insects keeping you from enjoying the natural breeze through your back door? If so, I have a simple and effective solution for you. I’m going to walk you through the process of adding a velcro screen door over your existing one.

It’s a quick and easy project that will allow you to enjoy the fresh air without the uninvited swarm of bugs.

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Tools and Materials:

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Measure your door

1. Measure and Cut the Screen

Start by measuring your existing door.

Creating a bug-free entrance

For the standard 36-inch door, cut the 80-inch window screen right down the middle at the 18-inch mark.

Simple screen door guide

Use a razor blade or scissors and cut along a straight edge.

How to make a screen door with velcro

2. Prepare Velcro Strips

Velcro will be the hero of this DIY.

Stick your velcro pieces together

Take a 24-inch Velcro strip and stick the two sides together.

Measure and cut the velcro

Measure and cut eight 3-inch strips.

Homemade bug barrier

3. Attach Velcro to Screen

Place the strips along one half of the screen, approximately every foot, ensuring they are evenly distributed.

Fresh air without insects

Once all eight strips are in place, peel off the remaining backing.

Fold the screen

4. Attach the Second Screen Half

Fold the second screen upwards, in half (folding the screen makes it easier to work with).

Practical insect control

Align it with the Velcro strips on the first half.

Screen door project tips

You want there to be a bit of an overlap.

DIY home improvement

Press down firmly to secure the two halves together.

Bug-resistant door tutorial

Continue down the screen.

Upholstery pins for securing screen

5. Secure Screen to the Door

To secure the screen to the door we will use pins with sturdy heads.

Screen door installation

Attach the screen in the middle of the door first. Use a hammer to knock the pins into the door frame.

How to build a screen to keep insects out

Continue the process around the door.

How to add a screen door

Place enough pins to ensure a secure fit, providing stability without overcrowding.

DIY screen door

6. Finishing Touches

If there's excess screen on the sides, you can fold it in.

Insect-free living: Adding a Velcro screen to a door

Test the door by opening and closing it to ensure it functions smoothly.

More More Bug-resistant Ideas

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Crafting a bug barrier

How to Make a Screen Door and Keep Insects Out

Your velcro screen door is now ready to face the bug invasion and let the fresh air flow freely. I hope this guide has made the process simple and enjoyable for you.

Share your thoughts, experiences, or any additional tips in the comments section below.

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  • Lorraine Dillon Lorraine Dillon on Feb 16, 2024
    Why don’t they just put a screen door on?
  • Kayla Kayla on Mar 08, 2024
    amazon sale this screen with all needed parts for about $ 15.00 in every size and prices, I being using it for years
  • Charmaine Cowan Charmaine Cowan on May 26, 2024
    Why not buy a premade screen? Prices start as low as $4.99. I have been using themfor yrs
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  • Donna Lincoln Donna Lincoln on May 27, 2024
    I bought the Magic mesh that has Velcro and magnets in the middle, not so great. Velcro falls off with even the slightest amount of heat from the SUN. and the magnets stick to metal front and screen doors which is what I have. none of these options work for me not, the metal screen has no real mesh to keep bugs out. . Now I'm going to get the screen mesh and attach magnets to it then attach it to my metal screen door and not to my front door. yet you have inspired me to get it as a reminder. thanks for the information. it will help with measuring the metal screen and hopefully it will work to keep out the pesky bugs that get in.
  • Char Char on May 27, 2024
    You can buy ready made screens these days. Easier to buy one and adapt if necessary, IMO.