Dreaming of a farm door for your home? Or is a steel door more your style? Hometalk can help you decide what is right for your home's needs. Join the conversation happening now on our popular discussion boards or look through a slideshow for inspiration. We have gathered all of the best, top, and newest door projects here for your enjoyment.

Deciding on Doors
Add character with a trim
Give a home a colonial, craftsmen, or traditional look depending on the type of door trim installed around the doors.
Choose the color of the front door
With the front door being the first thing a visitor sees, choose a bold color to make a statement or something neutral to blend in.
Determine the hardware
How a door will be used determines what hardware is needed. For example, a front door requires something that locks while the kitchen doesn’t.
A non-traditional door
Consider adding a barn door as a functional option that also adds character and personality to your home.
Solutions for small spaces
A pocket door can save space in a home by sliding into the wall instead of obstructing the room on either side.
Window & Door Ideas
Top DIY Door Projects

Prepare to be impressed by the top DIY door projects on Hometalk.

DIY Door Videos

We've got DIY door video tutorials that have step-by-step instructions to guide you.

Bi-fold Closet Door Makeover - With Paint and Wood Slats

If you have plain, flat panel, hollow core bifold closet doors, you might be kind of bored of looking at them. Yawn! Here is the super simple (and inexpensive) method that I used to update the closet doors in my son's nursery for a more modern, expensive look. Click here to view more details and photos on my blog!

DIY Dutch Door

In this tutorial and video I demonstrate how I cut my old wood door into a dutch door.

Put Together an Easy Modern Farmhouse Barn Door in Only 8 Steps

I’ve been slowly adding farmhouse touches to my home, and for a while I’d been wanting to try my hand at making my own sliding farmhouse door. Because I knew I wanted to paint it, I didn’t need to use wood for my door, and chose to work with MDF as it’s a bit lighter than plywood. This also cut down on the cost, and allowed me to make this door for only $80. Easy, quick, and cheap, what’s not to love? Let's learn how to build a barn door.

How to Convert Bifold Doors Into Swinging Cafe Doors

Nothing screams the 1970’s and 1980’s like good old bifold doors. Am I right? I remember living with bifold doors growing up. I also remember they never stayed on their track! We were lucky enough to inherit a few sets when we moved into our rustic beach cottage. In an effort to transform these old things, I’m going to show you how to convert bifold doors into swinging cafe doors for our master bedroom closet.The best idea I could think of was to replace the bifold door hardware and install cafe door hardware (some call it saloon door or butler door hardware). This puts the doors on a swinging hinge that stays shut when not in use.Before I get ahead of myself with the bifold door makeover and cafe door hardware, let me show you these 1980’s bifold doors.

New Door Projects

Here is our collection of new DIY door projects. Learn something new.

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