Make Your Neighbors Jealous and TRANSFORM Your Garage Door With Paint

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2 Hours
We are still in DIY Home Improvement mode so we are painting Paula's garage doors LIVE on Hometalk on 8/22/17 at 5pm EST. Be sure to tune in with us and see for yourself how easily you can do this!

We are using our amazing All In One Paint for this project. It won't take much. A quart should easily do a two car garage bay door and then some. This paint is highly durable & UV resistant so there is no need to topcoat making it ideal for this application. Think of all the things you could give a makeover: Garage Door, Front Door, Shutters. I'm even thinking about the block trim on my flower bed and my mail box!
Here's Paula's before picture. As you can see her garage doors have a factory finish in gray on them. We're not going to have a big transformation here since we are going to be using Cathedral (steel gray) which is similar in color to what she has. However, its just different enough that its clashing with her front door that we painted in Cathedral on a previous live. Paula has 3 bay doors so that is perfect for our live. We're going to show you each step live on a different door. You can totally do this!
I grabbed a few images from Pinterest for inspiration. What can't you find on Pinterest! These white garage doors are what most DIYers will be starting with. Be sure to give them a good scrubbing to remove any surface oils and debris. We prefer TSP but any quality degreasing agent should work. Stir your paint, and I mean a lot. 2 minutes per quart to be exact. This paint has a lot of items built into it so this step is critical for you to have a good outcome. Don't skimp on the prep! There's not much required for this paint.
We'll post the actual finished outcome after our live but until then, here's a few inspiration shots from Pinterest. This would be equivalent to painting your doors with Iron Gate, All In One Paint in the Heritage Collection.

Cathedral, Iron Gate, Cobblestone, Cappuccino & Manor House look great with most brick colors. Polo would also be up there on my list! Please someone paint yours in Polo and share it with me. I'm dying to see it.
If you're wanting a big impact, add some hardware to complete your painted transformation. You could also add trim if you're handy with a saw and really make your neighbors green with envy.
Suggested materials:
  • All In One Paint   (
  • True Applicator   (
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  • Paula Reid Paula Reid on Sep 11, 2018

    WOW!! We are wanting to this as our fall project. I am a HUGE DIY-er, and an interior design consultant after years of remodeling EVERY house I've lived in. I married my high school sweetheart, 4 years ago October 18th! Needless to say I have totally made over this whole house! All the houses in our cul-de-sac are very tonal. Varying degrees of taupe,greige,.. We have a beautiful ranch that I want to give some character. Our garage door is a light/medium taupe. I want to paint to look like faux wood. I found online the "decals" to make it appear to have windows. I plan on adding hardware to achieve a carriage house look Also, our small front porch banister and frint door. Beefing up the post clad in the same brick (leftover) from our fireplace facade FINALLY MY QUESTION: CAN I USE THIS, " ALL IN ONE" PAINT TO ACHUEVE FAUX WOOD LOOK ON TOP OF OUR VINYL?? PLEASE HELP!! WE SHOULD BE STARTING WITHIN THE NEXT 2-3 WEEKS!! I've not heard of this MAGIC paint! It's usualky QUITE A FEW STEPS INVOLVED!! Thank you so much, Paula M.