How to "age" a Paper Napkin for Decoupage

Lisa Jane Long
by Lisa Jane Long
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I've been painting a lot lately, its my newest passion. Recently, I saw a beautiful painting project on Pinterest that I had to try...and here is how I put my own personal spin on it using coffee grounds, paper napkins, and Mod Podge. Check it out!
The painting I saw on Pinterest had musical notes in the background that looked like they had been printed onto the I was wondering how I could re-create something similar. An interesting thought popped into my head. What about decoupage? I went online to Amazon and searched "musical notes on paper napkins". YES! A few days later the napkins arrived in my PO box. I felt they were a little too "white"and "new"...I was wanting more of an aged parchment paper look. So I used wet coffee grounds to achieve this effect.
I rubbed the coffee grounds all over the open napkin, let them sit for a few minutes, then threw them away...dusting off as much of the wet grounds as I could off of the napkin. Then I let it dry overnight. Once the napkin was dry it was easier to remove the remaining coffee ground particles.
Paper napkins come in 2-ply and sometimes 3-ply so you need to separate the printed ply from the backing ply before you use it in decoupage.
I tore the napkin into random pieces and glued them down (using Mod Podge Matte) to the board I planned to paint on. As the mod podge dried, I went over some of the edges that didn't quite lay down with more Mod Podge. The napkin pieces dried with a wrinkle effect, but I used that to my painting has such a cool texture to it...
I allowed the decoupage to dry overnight, and then I sanded off the loose pieces that were hanging over the edge. There were a few places where the napkin didn't completely lay down to the board, so I just tore those away which added to the old parchment paper look.I won't bother going into detail about my painting, but it turned out SO BEAUTIFUL! I just love the look of the decoupaged music notes!
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Suggested materials:
  • Printed paper napkins   (Amazon)
  • Stained piece of board   (Home Depot)
  • Coffee grounds   (on hand)
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Lisa Jane Long
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