1. Statement lamps

We’re starting off with a bang (literally) because this statement lamp is made using a balloon! Larger pieces are in, and an easy way to DIY an oversized statement lamp is by wrapping rope around a balloon, letting it dry, then popping the balloon inside! 

This creates a cage-like basket pendant light, which you can manipulate by threading a cable through or weaving fairy lights around.

This lamp also hits on another of 2023’s home decor trends with the boho style (see below) which is all about earth tones and natural materials. Get tutorial here

2. Sustainability

Sustainability is still top of mind in 2023, with issues such as climate change at the forefront of people’s thoughts. One way to make a difference is by DIY-ing your decor and repurposing old items. 

Take this cool coffee table for example. An old cable spool was found on the side of the road and flipped on its side to make a table. A little sanding, painting, and finishing later, and it’s good to go. Talk about turning trash into treasure! Get tutorial here

3. Art Deco

We’re now well into the roaring 2020s, so it’s no surprise that Art Deco is making a comeback. One simple way to incorporate this trend is with some DIY wall art. Here, Haeley uses paper plate holders and paint to create an Art-Deco-inspired geometric design. 

The result is very effective, but the DIY itself is super-easy to do. This is a subtle way to give a nod to the Art Deco trend without going full Gatsby. Get tutorial here

4. Viva Magenta

Neutral tones might be trending in some areas, but Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta! So, we’re looking for creative ways to use this bold pink in our homes.

In this magenta makeover, Jeanne takes an old-fashioned upholstered chair and paints it with leather-look paint. The result is a statement piece that is sure to pop in any living area, proving that you don’t need to be an interior designer in order to embrace bright colors! Get tutorial here

5. Frames

Usually, frames are an afterthought when it comes to wall art, but in 2023, they’re becoming the star of the show. In this fun DIY, Lauren makes a sleek custom frame for her TV, which makes the television blend into the decor as if it’s a piece of art itself! Genius! Get tutorial here

6. Boho

The boho trend isn’t going anywhere in 2023, which is great news for those of us that love the style’s laidback vibes. In this simple IKEA hack, Katy fashions a boho-style rattan end table out of two baskets, glued bottom to bottom, and a pine round from the hardware store. Get tutorial here

7. Curved furniture

One of the top living room trends in 2023 is curved furniture, taking inspiration from popular furniture pieces de jour such as the bouclé chair and Togo sofa. You might be thinking: how can one possibly DIY this trend at home? Well, with a whole load of cardboard!

In this jaw-dropping project, the DIY-er builds an on-trend curved couch completely out of cardboard, pads it out with foam, then upholsters the couch with fabric. Incredible! Get tutorial here