1. Acrylic and resin clock

This acrylic and resin clock face mixes magenta with gold, orange, and red. The effect is a splash of colors that creates a truly unique pattern. Topped with gold clock hands, this piece of decor looks feminine, artsy, and professionally made. Get tutorial here

2. Flamingo wreath

What is more magenta than a flamingo? Well, this fun summer wreath is all about thinking pink: Dollar Store leis, hibiscus flowers, and of course, garden flamingos. This is such an original summertime decor piece. Get tutorial here

3. Lichen dye

According to Pantone, Viva Magenta is actually a shade rooted in nature, originating from carmine dye made using cochineal beetles. Why not have a go at making your own homemade dye from lichen? The result is a bright and beautiful magenta. Get tutorial here

4. Barbie box

Think pink and you immediately think Barbie. In this cute DIY project, a mom makes a life-size Barbie box for her daughter and granddaughter. This is a great prop for a Halloween party or Barbie birthday party, or just for playing dress-up! Get tutorial here

5. Dried rose petals

The lush reddish pink of Viva Magenta is also reminiscent of rose petals. In this DIY project, Leah details the best ways to dry flowers. Drying rose petals changes the color of the flowers from bright shades to deeper ones. These can then be used in homemade decor, potpourri, or even confetti. Get tutorial here

6. DIY cooler

Moving onto furniture, we love this DIY cooler made out of an old sewing table. The clincher for this project is the lick of magenta paint, which really gives a summery feel. The pop of magenta against green grass is a winning combination. Get tutorial here

7. Painted dresser

Another example of a magenta makeover is this dresser transformation. The DIY-er picked up the faux bamboo dresser on Facebook, then gave it a new lease of life with a splash of pink. The polished gold handles on the drawers provide the perfect finishing touch. Get tutorial here

8. Garden gazing balls

Next up is adding a burst of color in the garden, such as these gazing balls. Berry colors are mixed with glitter for little extra sparkle. They look great among the green leaves and purple flowers. Get tutorial here

9. Zinnia blooms

Of course, your nod to Viva Magenta could also be apparent in your choice of flowers. For example, take these zinnias with their saturated magenta blooms. Magenta is an exotic and joyful hue to feature in a garden. Get tutorial here

10. Ombre Christmas trees

Last but not least, why not go for an unconventional Christmas tree with a dip in pink? These cute ombre Christmas decorations offer something a little different for the festive season. Plus, this is such an easy DIY! Get tutorial here