DIY Life Size Barbie Box for a Barbie Bedroom

Tracey Bellion
by Tracey Bellion
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This may be one of the funniest projects I’ve worked on EVER!!!

A life-size Barbie Box!!!

So my daughter Hailey, Harlow’s mommy, calls us and says she would REEEALLLLYYY like this Barbie box that she saw on Pinterest for little Harlow. She knows we are really busy…..and that it’s last minute….BUT……

Yep…you know the routine. Your kids ask for something special for the grandkids and you put your life on hold and jump from tall buildings and swim across seas to make it happen!

This takes us to Pappi…(aka my husband Matt)… the pic above. Just shortly after speeding to Home Depot to purchase what he needs to make this box!

He measured….and drew…..and cut….and glued….and screwed! All the things he does….that I have zero interest in!

And THIS was the outcome!!!

Would you look how tall that box is??? Matt is 6′ tall….so gives you a good idea!

And how about that perfectly cut opening! You wouldn’t believe what he used as a pattern!!!

We have this antique Victorian bed of his grandmothers…probably circa 1890s! We recently took it apart and stored the side rails and footboard and just mounted the headboard to our wall in the guest room. He used one of the curvy side rails to trace one side….then flipped it and traced it on the other side! What????? How genius is he?????

I offered to paint….but I think he really wanted Harlow to know that he built this himself. He’s a little wrapped around the axle over that kid! So I handed over my Dixie Belle Paint selections for the perfect Barbie Pink!!

Uncle Brody (my second son….who BTW is 6’4″ so you have relative size) got involved and hung the crown on the inside. It fit perfectly on the inside of the box. 

I finally got to add my touch by painting the word Barbie…and the Mattel logo on the front. We also added the gold crown as an added charm feature!

Oh………goodness! Would you look at these two??? It’s my little Barbie (my daughter Hailey) and her little Barbie (my granddaughter Harlow). Is this not the cutest thing you’ve seen in forever????

Sometimes you go all extra for the kiddos……but the adults get most of the enjoyment from it…..and that would be this project!!!!

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Suggested materials:
  • Chalk paint
  • Pressure treated lumber   (Home Depot)
Tracey Bellion
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  • Alice Alice on Feb 02, 2023

    This is very sweet, you, your hubby, and your son did a very nice job. It looks like your daughter is enjoying it a lot, Harlow probably needs some time to grow into it. 😊 In a few years Harlow and her friends will hopefully have a blast having their pictures taken in it wearing 'Barbie dress-ups'.