Transform them into bird feeders

Glue them to flat CD’s& string them up with twine. Add some bird feed & you’ve got a cute feeder. Get tutorial here

Turn them into awesome light fixtures

Poke holes into plastic cups, and staple them from the center. String fairy lights through them and voila! Get tutorial here

Cover them with twigs to make mini trees

Paste twigs on a cup for rustic decor that looks good during the holidays or all year round. Get tutorial here

Color them in a spooky pattern for Halloween

Grab a Sharpie and draw on plastic cups for a Halloween themed party! Get tutorial here

String them up as party lights

Use a screwdriver to drill holes in each cup then funnel the LED lights through! Perfect for game day! Get tutorial here

Jazz them up with sequins for New Year’s

Add some glittery stars and sequins to make those Dollar Store plastic cups for your party. Get tutorial here

Flip them over & use them to hold plasticware

Run masking tape along the bottom, add some sparkly stars and felt for the hat rim. Uncle Sam hat holders! Get tutorial here

Mold them into funky art

Make a chihuly glass inspired sculpture out of plastic cups by melting them in the oven. Too cool! Get tutorial here

Reshape them into shiny gift boxes

Cut lines into the top and bend them into different flaps then spray paint them and fold them over. Get tutorial here

Craft them into mini windmills

Try this adorable craft with your kids. All you need is some construction paper and glue! Get tutorial here

Revamp them as Jack O’ Lantern

Cut out the pumpkin face and put electric tea lights in the the bottom for the cutest Jack’ O Lanters. Get tutorial here

Reimagine them as vintage decor

Attach a cup to a paper plate and add a TP roll and then color in gold marker for a 1920's look. Get tutorial here

Remake them as party game

Beer pong move over. Monster pong is here! Turn the cups into mini monsters for a game of pong. Get tutorial here