DIY Wine Rack

Rachel Metz
by Rachel Metz
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This wine rack is easier than any other one I've seen on Pinterest. Sometimes I get intimidated by looking at building something like this but now that I did this and it turned out gorgeous - I'm going to stop being intimidated. This was super fun, quick and easy!
You will need a saw, measuring tape, pencil, wood glue, 12 copper elbows, 4 copper "tees" and 10 feet of 3/4" wooden dowel. The copper fixtures should be a size that can snuggly go over whatever wooden dowel size you choose.
Step 1: Cut wooden dowels into 6 five inch long pieces, 8 six inch long pieces and 4 nine inch long pieces.
Step 2: Take 2 six inch long pieces, 2 copper elbows and 1 nine inch long piece and create this shape. Take your wood glue and glue together. Step 3: Take your wood glue and put it together.
Step 3: Repeat that three more times to create four of these total - set those aside.
Step 4: Take 3 five inch long pieces and 2 copper tees and create this photo above.
Step 5: Repeat that again so you have two of them, glue them together.
Step 6: Add copper elbows to the ends.
These are what all your pieces should look like.
Step 7: Put together and seal with wood glue.
This is what your structure should look like so far.
For the sleeves where the wine is going to be held - I used leather shoe laces, hot glue and a staple gun.
Step 8: I then wrapped the leather around and secured it with hot glue.
Step 9: I added a staple to ensure the leather stayed in place - I repeated that until the last dowel.
Suggested materials:
  • 10 ft of wooden dowel   (local hardware store)
  • 12 copper elbows   (local hardware store)
  • 4 copper tees   (local hardware store)
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