Pile them up for makeshift bookshelves

Paint them with chalk paint and add a romantic floral fabric on the back then stack them asymmetrically. Get tutorial here

Reuse them as bright planters in your garden

Spray paint them, fill them with earth and stack them, or bury them as garden bed. Get tutorial here

Revamp one as living room organizer

Organize the books strewn around your couch by painting a drawer & adding short legs. Get tutorial here

Make them into hallway memo boards

Use old drawers as a family organizers & a place to store your keys by using paint & hooks. Get tutorial here

Alter them into pretty window boxes

Cut off the front panels of drawers, paint & attach to brackets for these bits of lovely window swag. Get tutorial here

Hang them up as herringbone shadow boxes

Paint them with some ASCP and decoupage them with fancy paper. So elegant. Get tutorial here

Adjust them into a funky towels rack

Use the front of a drawer and it’s knob as a wall fixture for your bathroom wall. Just cut and affix. Get tutorial here

Fashion them into a tiered cat bed

Gather several drawers, repaint them and add legs from Lowe’s for height. Puuuurfect! Get tutorial here

Turn them into frames for your indoor potting

Old drawers are perfect frames for your decor. Paint them in the color of your choice & voila! Get tutorial here

Convert them into comfy ottomans

Cover foam in pretty fabric and place that in the repurposed drawers. Then cozy up your feet. Get tutorial here

Redo them as vintage lavender drawers

Turn a sewing drawer into a place for dry plants, with a french styled chalk paint and image transfer project. Get tutorial here

Transform them into awesome signage

Get a vintage look by grabbing an old drawer panel and adding some paint and stencil. Too cute. Get tutorial here