Paint them a trendy grey

While white is a popular kitchen color, grey can make your cabinets look more high-end. Get tutorial here

Add depth & texture with a wood burner

Turn flat wooden cabinets into stunning kitchen storage, by burning in some shape and shading. Get tutorial here

Add easy DIY trim

Give boring cabinets some shape, with a simple trim addition. Get any shape & look you like. Get tutorial here

Or use trim to cover up an old, ugly shape

If you hate the shape you already have, hide it on the cheap, using strips of MDF for trim. Get tutorial here

Add a row of cabinets to open top space

Put in additional upper cabinets, to get that stately, built-in effect & increase storage. Get tutorial here

Or just cover it up with MDF trim boxes

Fill in that huge gap between your cabinets and your ceiling to fake taller cabinets. Get tutorial here

Paint top & bottom cabinets in different hues

Turn a kitchen chic, with a bolder and softer color pairing for upper & lower cabinets. Get tutorial here

Distress the paint to get farmhouse charm

Paint your kitchen cabinets, then rough up the edges a bit, for farmhouse charm. Get tutorial here

Take off a few doors to create open shelving

Taking some doors off can actually make the one’s that are left look sleeker & cleaner! Get tutorial here

Enlarge your space with a full white coat

If your kitchen is tighter than you’d like, expand your space visually, with white. Get tutorial here

Replace some center panels with chicken wire

Knock out some of the center panels in your old cabinets and fill in the space with chicken wire. Get tutorial here

Make them look built-in with faux legs

Turn cabinets into built-in kitchen pieces by simply adding a plank along the bottoms - genius! Get tutorial here

Cover an ugly fur down with chunky trim

If your cabinets already have a built in fur down, dress it up with trim. Get tutorial here

Caulk a new face onto unattractive cabinets

Put a smile on your cabinet fronts, by attaching thin textured covers right on top with caulk. Get tutorial here