$15 Rustic Wine Rack

This chic wine rack is the perfect accessory to a rustic kitchen, with room for five bottles and nameplates that can be changed according to what wine it is holding. And the best part? Hometalker Shanty2Chic made this wall mounted rack for just $15. To construct the wine rack, Shanty2Chic used wood, cut with a miter, and bolts to hold up the wine – she then used a coat of chalkboard paint for writing the wine types. Get tutorial here

DIY Wine Bar

Another type of wine rack is a complete wine rack and bar like this one by Hometalker HomeMade Modern – who created this to also create an additional surface for the home, whether it be in the kitchen for extra counter space or as a surface in a wine cellar. This wine bar is made using 2x4s of wood and a drill to create all the necessary holes – pour concrete into steel mesh atop the wood counter to get the sleek countertop. Get tutorial here

Wine Glass Rack

To go along with your brand new wine rack, you’ll need a wine glass rack – luckily Hometalk has plenty of suggestions, like this simple wooden wine glass rack by Hometalker Kasey. She shows us how to take full advantage of vertical space in the kitchen. The great thing about this wooden wine glass rack is that it can be placed inside your existing cabinets using T-shaped moldings, which when placed close together, act as a shelf for your wine glasses. Get tutorial here

Wine on The Go

Headed out on an adventure? A picnic perhaps? Instead of a wine rack, you may benefit from this portable wooden wine holder. Made from a few pieces of wood and a wooden dowel, this wine caddy can hold a bottle of wine and two glasses. Hometalker ToolBox Divas shares the many uses of this caddy, such as using it on the patio or at an outdoor event and the fact that it would make the perfect homemade gift. Get tutorial here

Outdoor Wine Rack

A great addition to your patio, especially for the summer season, is this DIY pallet wine rack. Hometalker SweetPea Paula repurposed this palette to create the ultimate wine rack with wine storage on top and a wine glass rack at the bottom. This wine rack hangs seamlessly on your deck and is sure to garner some positive feedback from your guests, who won’t believe how simple it is to grab a glass of wine. Get tutorial here

Indoor Palette Wine Rack

Just as easily as a palette can be used for an outdoor wine rack, it can be used for an indoor one as well, this time as a wall wine rack. Hometalker Lian Wright has created this extremely functional palette wine rack with space for eight glasses and eight bottles. Lian removed extra slats to create the top shelf of the piece, as well as for the bottom. She then attached studs to the wall with heavy-duty hooks and her wine rack was complete! Get tutorial here

A Tabletop Wine Rack

A tabletop wine rack is great for small spaces or as an addition to a bar. To make one, Hometalker TheTayra Perez Project shares that you’ll need two Wine O'Clock frames from Dollar Tree, two food choppers, super glue, and nail polish remover. From there, all you need to do is glue the pieces together to form a box and you’re all set to store some wine! Get tutorial here

Creating Wine Rack Furniture

Wine rack furniture is also a great addition to the home, like this wine rack and tabletop, which Hometalker Christina @ Christina's Adventures refinished and put into her home. She took something that had seen better days (and was missing a countertop) and made it her own. To do this, she used paint and a new piece of wood, which she aged to give it the distressed look she desired. Get tutorial here

Easy Wine Rack DIY

If you're looking for an easy DIY wine rack, then DeDe @ Designed Décor has got the project for you. She nailed and glued four pieces of wood into a W shape, which she then placed into shelves of an old dresser that she turned into a wine bar. DeDe shares that she used her favorite tool, the Ryobi Airstrike Nailer, to create this simple yet efficient wine and wine glass rack. Get tutorial here

PVC Wine Rack

This hanging wall wine rack integrates seamlessly into a room, providing wall decor that is pleasing for wine lovers as well as effective. Hometalker Wendy Smith frames this project as the perfect gift for a friend that you’ll want to keep for yourself. The project calls for PVC boards that you’ll saw to create six pieces for easy assembly with a drill, screws and some cement.  Get tutorial here

Wine Glass Holder & Spice Rack

What could be more practical in a kitchen than a place to store two things used on a regular basis, in wine glasses and spices? Hometalker Bryan’s workshop saw the opportunity to make something great and did so using a spice rack combined with the end of a palette board. Once Bryan combined the two items, he stained and distressed the wood to give it its final look. Get tutorial here

A Wall of Wine

Fill your wall from top to bottom with wine with this great laminated plywood wall-mounted wine rack. The design is oh-so-simplistic but looks fabulous. Hometalker Vcraftcustomcreations admits that it will take some time to complete but it is well worth it! You’ll need plywood, a drill, jigsaw, circular saw and plunge router to complete this DIY in 11 steps so that you can successfully complete number 12… fill it with bottles and start drinking! Get tutorial here

Wine Rack Cabinet

A great addition to the dining room is this piece of wine rack furniture – for those who aren't quite ready for a wine cellar but definitely appreciate their wine. Hometalker Jerri Landry simply repurposed the interior of a wine cabinet, fitting it with the right pieces of wood, and then added a fresh coat of paint to achieve the final look.  It functions not only as a wine rack but a wine glass rack as well, making it truly practical.  Get tutorial here