How to Make Party Decor

Need the perfect garland for your next party? Looking to DIY that tablescape? Hometalk has you covered with everything you need to create the party decor of your dreams. Take a look at our videos and slideshows, or participate in the conversation on our party decor discussion boards. We have something for every party.

How to Make Party Decor
Build a balloon backdrop
Tie colored balloons to curtain rails in groups of 3 or more per color. Hang corresponding ribbons from a curtain rail for a great backdrop.
Make rainbow water
Place freshly cut flowers in clear vases of water. Add a few drops of different food coloring to each vase and place in naturally lit areas.
Glitter your balloons
Inflate some balloons and spread mod podge on the top half of the balloon. Sprinkle the balloons with glitter and hang with a string.
Decorate your candles
Spread a thin, even layer of mod podge on your candle and cover in glitter. Pieces of tissue paper can also be used to create designs.
Decorate your vases
Dip clear glass vases or jars into acrylic paint. Dipping at irregular angles and levels as well as layering colors adds a unique effect.
Top Projects for Party Decor

Top party decor projects will inspire you to decorate for your next party yourself.

DIY Party Decor Videos

Has party decor got you stumped? Check out DIY video tutorials for guidance.

Easy and Elegant DIY Bridal Shower Decorations

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New Party Decor Projects

Need some new DIY party decor ideas? You're in the right place.