How to Make Centerpieces

Looking to save money by making your own centerpieces for an event? Stumped on where to start? Hometalk has got your back. Check out our discussion boards and let us know what you think. Take a moment to look through our best and most popular centerpiece projects for some inspiration. We also have amazing videos and slideshows to guide you.

How to Make a Centerpiece
Incorporate natural elements
A slice of wood with the bark still intact can make a beautiful yet simple base for a table centerpiece.
Use unusual focal features
Add items to capture attention. Instead of opting for flowers or faux plants, try dried wheat or other decorative grasses.
Use old jars to display flowers
Rescue old jars and other glass items. Soak them to remove the labels and tie lace ribbons around the rim for a country-style vase.
Upcycle old papers
Create a unique planter table decoration with vintage papers, such as old musical scores. Separate the pages and wrap them around tins.
Illuminate the dining table
Arrange candles in the middle of the table for light. Use eight candles of different lengths with the tallest candles placed in the center.
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How to Make a DIY Fall Cornucopia For a Beautiful Tablescape

Fall is here and I love fall decorations! I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but I can't help myself. I'm not sure if I love fall decorations or Halloween decorations more, but luckily I can put them both up at the same time.I have been wanting to make a fall cornucopia for a long time. They look so big and daunting, but this one was pretty simple and took no time at all. Plus, since it's made out of chicken wire, it was also super cheap. Check out my instructions and the video below.

DIY Organic Hot Air Balloon Sculpture Decor

This beautiful DIY decor is a great idea for your baby shower, your child's 1st, or 2nd Birthday party, or for your baby's upcoming Birthday Smash Cake photoshoot.

Hand Painted Dinnerware

Who doesn't love some custom dinnerware? Picking the right plates can be tricky and super pricey, so here is a great way to make exactly what you are looking for at a cheaper cost! This painted dinnerware set is super customizable and can be made to match your style! (makes a great holiday gift too) I picked up an 18 piece dinnerware set at Ikea for $20 and a clearanced out cutlery set, some porcelain paint and got to painting!

How to Make an Easy DIY Table Centerpiece

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