How to Make Pet Stuff

Your four legged friend deserves only the best. Spoil them rotten by making pet toys, beds, and more. The Hometalk community can help you with the best and newest projects Hometalk has to offer. Have a question? Go ahead and ask it and get the answer you've been looking for. Or check out our videos and slideshows for something more visual. Enjoy!

How to Make Pet Stuff

Make a swinging kitten toy

Roll newspaper tightly and tie with thick rope. Using string, suspend the newspaper low enough for a kitten to catch as you swing it.

Make a cereal box dog treat

Place your dog’s favorite treats in an empty cereal box and tape it closed. Watch him tear through it to enjoy his treats.

Make a chew toy

Place a water bottle inside a large, woolly sock you no longer need. Tie a knot to close the sock.

Make a dog treat for summer

Fill an empty ice cream tub with water and dog treats - freeze. Remove the block of ice from the tub for your dog to gnaw at on a hot day.

Make a feathery cat toy

Tie a few feathers to the tip of a string. Attach the other end of the string to a stick. Swish the feathers around for your cat to catch.

Top Projects for Making Pet Stuff

Look around our top pet projects to make something great for your four legged friend.

DIY Pet Stuff Videos

Looking for helpful DIY video tutorials to make stuff for your pet? Look no further!

DIY Dog Washer Ring

How to Bathe a dog that HATES the waterMy adorable dog doesn't like to shower to much because when water goes in to his nose he feels uncomfortable, so to make his experience a little more comfortable I decided to make a fun 360 gadget. For this project you will need a standard clear garden hose, a dremel tool to drill holes, a piece to connect the ends of the hose, and a beautiful dog that loves to be clean! I hope you enjoy the steps because I had a blast making this and it has been so helpful for my dog.

Build a Rabbit House From an Old TV Cabinet

If you have a rabbit that has outgrown it's cage, or you simply want to provide a larger habitat for them to live in comfortably, this is an easy & inexpensive way to accomplish that. We used our old tv armoire cabinet that was sitting in our garage. Now that everyone has large flat screen TVs, these are really easy to find in thrift stores and garage sales for very little or sometimes free.We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Thought of a creative way to build an inexpensive cat scratching post for the cutest cat in the world. It wasn't too hard to put together so here is what I did, and maybe you can be inspired to make on too! Here are the basic steps. Watch the video at the end to see the whole process.

(Twin) DIY Rustic Dog Bed

If you have a pet, I hope you will love this DIYs Pallet wood Twin Dog Bed. I hope to inspire you to make something special and personal for your furry loved one. I was inspired when my neighbor said she could use a dog bed that two dogs could use sharing the space but dividing the dogs space at the same time. The dogs love it and I hope you will to.This project started with a few pallets made from 1 x 4 in boards. These are easy to find at places that receive large things that need to be put into crates. I like using this material because there is not a lot of nail removal so I us it when I can. I also grab these board anytime I see them out by the curb. The only problem with this wood is that some time and in my case a lot of it is warped. One way to help with that is when you can cut the boards to shorter lengths like I did on the bottom of the bed. This will make the twisting and warping less noticeable.I also use pocket screws and glue to put this project together. Thanks to some help I was able to sand the whole project down and make it ready for stain in a reasonable amount of time. We would not want those pets to get splinters. After the final sanding I applied some carbon grey stain to the outside and inside.This was a very fun project and I enjoyed building this dog bed for my friend and neighbors.Feel free to message me with any questions that you may have about the project I will be glad to support you on yours. Thanks friends for viewing my post.

New Making Pet Stuff Projects

New pet stuff ideas and projects here. Make Fido a homemade toy!

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