How to Make Pet Stuff

Your four legged friend deserves only the best. Spoil them rotten by making pet toys, beds, and more. The Hometalk community can help you with the best and newest projects Hometalk has to offer. Have a question? Go ahead and ask it and get the answer you've been looking for. Or check out our videos and slideshows for something more visual. Enjoy!

How to Make Pet Stuff
Make a swinging kitten toy
Roll newspaper tightly and tie with thick rope. Using string, suspend the newspaper low enough for a kitten to catch as you swing it.
Make a cereal box dog treat
Place your dog’s favorite treats in an empty cereal box and tape it closed. Watch him tear through it to enjoy his treats.
Make a chew toy
Place a water bottle inside a large, woolly sock you no longer need. Tie a knot to close the sock.
Make a dog treat for summer
Fill an empty ice cream tub with water and dog treats - freeze. Remove the block of ice from the tub for your dog to gnaw at on a hot day.
Make a feathery cat toy
Tie a few feathers to the tip of a string. Attach the other end of the string to a stick. Swish the feathers around for your cat to catch.
Top Projects for Making Pet Stuff

Look around our top pet projects to make something great for your four legged friend.

DIY Pet Stuff Videos

Looking for helpful DIY video tutorials to make stuff for your pet? Look no further!

Little Doggy Stairs

My sweet Scottie Gus is just a little too short to jump up onto my bed. Although I would love to get a mini workout in by lifting him up every time, I decided to make him his own mini steps.

DIY Pet Waste Disposal System

Please take a minute to click here to sign up for the Mother Daughter Projects weekly newsletter. You'll get notification about our new projects and what is up and coming.If you have a dog, you deal with waste! You pick it up from your backyard, your neighbor's yard, and on your walks. Do you immediately throw it in the trash or do you hold it until you have a container full?Well, with the addition of Mac the greyhound, Steph has had to deal with a lot of doggy doo doo. (Can I say that on Hometalk?) She has been using a Pet Genie to collect it and throws it in the garbage on pick up day.The Pet Genie has been a good system, but you have to purchase additional bags. She decided to come up with a way to DIY a waste storage system using a five gallon bucket. Take a look!

Baby Chick Brooder - Repurposed Dog Crate

If you want to see what these fluff ball chicks look like now, I post pictures and videos of them @petalsandchalk on Instagram. Our newest adventure began this weekend, we brought home baby chicks. I have been dreaming for some time of raising chickens. Last fall, I even joined a Facebook group, for chicken owners to educate myself on everything that I could learn before we brought our newest family members home. That Facebook group showed equally both sides of raising backyard chickens. There were stories of joys, funny tales and also ones that would break my heart. So, going into this I felt well prepared. I read blogs and checked out every chicken book my library had to educate myself And it still was terrifying bringing home those tiny beings. This post is to share my newbie ways that we are raising our baby chicks on a budget. Driving home with the new babies, I kept thinking of a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do one thing every day that scares you." This is the first time in a long time where I did something that scared me and I am so glad that I did. Update: Since this was my first time raising chicks there are things I would do differently. A brooder warming device instead of a heat lamp is something I plan to invest in. I plan to look into Chick vaccinations next time. Puppy pads instead of paper and paper towels is so much easier. We ended up getting ducks and Bantam chicks so we have 3 brooders in the house. Changing the paper in three brooders was a task but once I changed to puppy pads it was so much easier. With the pasty butt, I found something that I think works better than anything I read on the internet but don’t want to bore you since this already a wordy post. If interested, comment and I will reply back.

New Making Pet Stuff Projects

New pet stuff ideas and projects here. Make Fido a homemade toy!

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