Quick 10-Minute Baby Gate for Beginners

Hometalker Jessica Coplen has some great tips on how to build a simple DIY baby gate from scratch without wasting too much time. She opted for pine wood for a more sophisticated and elegant vibe. Using a miter to cut some pine boards into size, she just used one of the boards to measure the space in between. Then, some deck screws and hinges were all it took! Get tutorial here

A Simple DIY Top-of-the-Stairs Baby Gate

Hometalker Made by Mitch demonstrates how to make one of the simplest baby gates for stairs. For roughly $40 and just a day’s work, you can put together this beautiful top-of-the-stairs baby gate. He used few basic materials: some lumber planks, a couple of hinges, screws and a latch. His best tip: make sure the baby gate doesn’t swing towards the stairs! Get tutorial here

Extra Wide Barn Style Baby Gate

It is important to measure everything carefully before you start so that everything fits perfectly. Hometalker Hayden Scharrer needed an extra wide baby gate since their house has a large doorway (roughly 46’’ width). They built their own barn-style baby gate from scratch, complete with a nice X in the middle. It cost $70 and took roughly 10 hours to complete. Get tutorial here

How to Achieve the Perfect Barn Style Look

If you would like to experiment more with a barn-style baby gate, Hometalker Hayden Scharrer has also shared further tips for getting that nostalgic barn-style look just right. They used a regular utility knife to shave the edges off the wooden planks for a more rustic look. Then, sandpaper to soften the edges – this makes it look farmhouse-worn and cozy. Get tutorial here

Something Different: A Craftsman Baby Gate

Bored with the same old ideas when it comes to baby gates for stairs? Then, why not get inspired by some classic elegant looks? Hometalker Melissa drew her inspiration from craftsman and Dutch door designs. She used poplar boards and lauan plywood to build a stunning and unconventional baby gate for her baby boy, with a custom design that combined the two patterns. Get tutorial here

Sophisticated and Stylish: Spindle Baby Gate

When her friend complained that she could not find a baby gate that could match her home decor, Hometalker OnTheFly…DIY rose to the challenge. She used spindles to create an elegant and simple baby gate. Perfect for a top-of-the-stairs baby gate, it cost roughly $20 and about 4 hours to complete. You can choose any color you like and stay clear of plastic baby gates! Get tutorial here

Simple Narrow Wooden Baby Gate on a Budget

Hometalker Gretchen has the perfect recipe for a simple, sturdy and tasteful wooden baby gate. Because she wanted to install a baby gate at a narrow hallway, she had to build it herself. Using inexpensive 2x2 pine posts and a sliding glass door latch to make sure the baby gate closes efficiently, she spent only $15 on all materials. A classic design to fit every home! Get tutorial here

Transform Your Old Baby Crib Into A Baby Gate

When Hometalker Gail--My Repurposed Life needed a new doggy gate, she immediately thought of her old baby crib rails. She used it to build a new animal gate – and this idea could work equally well for baby gates. What better way to build a DIY baby gate than by repurposing some baby crib wood? And, as she explains, her solution can be tailored to fit any size. Get tutorial here

Baby Crib Repurposed as Pet or Baby Gate

Hometalker Karen S Gillam had a similar idea – she also used her daughter’s baby crib to make a gate for her dogs, which can work equally well as a baby gate. She used one of the cribs ends and stored the side racks for other DIY projects. She screwed hinges onto each side of the rack, attached them to the door frame, and installed a simple hook and eye latch – all for $10! Get tutorial here

Looking for a Unique Gate? Try Old Shutters

Hometalker Karin F needed a gate for her four-legged pals – and your usual baby gates simply did not do the trick. If you have toddlers that are as smart and stubborn, her solution might do the trick. She spotted some great old shutters at a yard sale and repurposed them into a strong gate that can withstand doggies and babies alike. Makes for a nice boho look, too! Get tutorial here

Think Ahead: How to Install Your Baby Gate

When starting out to make your own baby gate, it is crucial to think about where to install it. Will it be a narrow top-of-the-stairs baby gate or an extra-wide baby gate for your garden door? Plan the installation carefully and, as Hometalker Nadine Hartman Bourne shows, account for things like your vacuum cleaner height to be able to clean against the wall. Get tutorial here