How To Hide A Litter Box

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by Abbie M
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Love your cat but hate how the litter box looks? I have a solution for you! icon
Meet Gerald! icon

We live in a small apartment in Brooklyn & as you can see his litter box isn't the cutest living room accessory. I was on a mission to dress up this side of our living room & hide the litter box!

First stop was Home Depot - I purchased a plastic terra cotta pot & a pot saucer that fit perfectly on the top.

Next, I hopped over to Michael's & purchased floral foam, faux plants & moss.
Step 1: Begin by drawing an opening on the front of the plastic terra cotta pot that is big enough for your cat to climb into. (I found out later that you need to raise the hole so that the kitty litter doesn't fall out of the bottom as easily as mine did).
Step 2: Make sure you cover your mouth so you don't breath in the melting plastic* & begin opening the hole with a combination of the wood burner tool & some scissors.
Step 3: File down the hole with some sand paper, scissors & a metal file. This may take a bit - but I wanted this to look as neat & store bought as possible.
Step 4: Remove the bottom of the pot, add a plastic bag & pour kitty litter into the bottom. Place in the bottom of the pot.
Step 5: Add the pot saucer, & hot glue the floral foam to the top.
Step 6: Add some moss & your desired plant!
To change the litter: take the top off & pull out the plastic bag full of litter. Super quick & easy! You can also scrub the pot down & clean it really well just like a real litter box!
Jerry instantly climbed in & was right at home!
If you're not into the kitty litter idea - you can also add a blanket & make a little cat house icon  
This little planter really brightened up this corner of our apartment where the litter box used to be! icon icon

Suggested materials:
  • Plastic Terracotta Pot
  • Wood Burner Tool
  • Scissors
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  • EsAvi EsAvi on Jul 20, 2020

    I like it but seems really shallow forlitter purpose. Do you have a problem with litter all over the outside floor area when kitty covers his doodoo? I would like to turn opening to wall as a “play/hide” area for kitty. (No litter) - thanks for the awesome idea.

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  • Sha24587388 Sha24587388 on Jul 30, 2021

    My cats would pee on the planter and fake or real plants. The opening and size of pot would depend on the size of your cats. Maybe turning the pot with and opening larger than the litter box and cut an opening for cats to go in and out of and put the plats on top of the bottom of the planter

  • Thank you for sharing. Very cute idea !