Spray paint the frames black

Transform your plain windows into modern, stylish frames using black spray paint. Get tutorial here

Install beautiful trim

Create your own craftsman-style trim which is both simple and classy. Get tutorial here

Hang faux Roman shades

Fold fabric to create pleats, and then sew them before hanging them up above your windows. Get tutorial here

Darken your window frames

Get a crisp look against your white walls and trim using black tape and paint on your window frame. Get tutorial here

Make cedar window frames

Frame your windows with cedar wood for a cool, popping look. Get tutorial here

Paint and frost the glass

Give your window a makeover with some paint and frosting. Get tutorial here

Apply vinyl film to the glass

Add stunning flair and privacy to your home with vinyl film stained glass windows. Get tutorial here

Install window plant shelves

Line your plants up in the sunlight with these shelves attached to your window. Get tutorial here

Frost the glass with a pattern

Create a lattice-type design in each corner of your glass with a stencil before frosting the whole thing to create privacy where some light could still shine in. Get tutorial here

Put up no-sew farmhouse curtains

Hang sweet and simple curtains over your windows to add a lovely farmhouse style to your home. Get tutorial here

Use tape for a leaded glass effect

Cut thin strips of lead tape, and apply them to your window to create a stylish pattern. Get tutorial here

Make window cornices

Dress up your windows with patterned cornices that match your home decor. Get tutorial here

Stick frosted film to them

Get more privacy without losing natural light by applying a frosted window film to your glass panes. Get tutorial here

Stain your frames

Restore your window frames with gel stain, and then attach gold hardware to them for a finishing touch. Get tutorial here