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SO! Last year I did a similar style of curtains in my master bathroom, I converted store bought pocket rod curtain panels into tab top with some ribbon and my sewing machine! You guys loved that look, so here we are again, same concept, but a slightly different more rustic style! And these are virtually no sew-you will still need a large sewing needle BUT its really not SEWING exactly! Stick with me and I will explain the whole process!

Start with a few of these cedar fence boards, cedar naturally resists rot and pests, so these are safe for interior use since there has been no chemical treatment to them, AND since they are just a rough lumber, much cheaper than the other cedar boards Home Depot sells by the foot! A just over $2 each they are a steal! I needed 3 for my project of 4 windows! Just measure your windows, and add 4 inches to that measurement to determine how many boards you will need!

Cut your lumber, again, measure the window, add 4 inches, this will give you a 2 inch over hang on either side of the window, you can of course add additional inches if you want it to be much wider than the window, if gives a nice illusion of wider windows, just keep in mind the curtain panels I used for these are sheer so you will be able to see the wall through if you extend to far, but that could be avoided with a less sheer panel! Sand down the boards as you please! I didn't sand them too much, I love the texture it gives, but I will likely regret that decision when it comes to dusting! I may take them back down after the holidays and give them a good sanding!

Add hooks! I love these little robe hooks. I have them all over my house! They come in a 35 pack from amazon with the screws needed, and are super cost effective! I think I totaled out the cost for these curtain hangers at $6 a piece, and that includes the sand paper I used to sand the rough edges!

This is how I hang these curtains. Leave a screw out of the end hook, you will screw straight through this hole to screw it straight into the wall! Then no need to hide hardware or use any tricky hanging method!

Just paint that screw with a little black paint, or even color it in with a sharpie! Whatever you have around! I did use a self anchoring dry wall screw to attach these, just make sure it fits through the hole in the hook, I took my hook to Home Depot to verify prior to purchase, you could also use a dry wall anchor. The curtains themselves don't weigh much, but we have a dog, and a 6 year old, so I wanted to account for any tugging at the curtains that may happen and make sure they are really secure! Better safe than sorry! We don't need these bad boys getting pulled off the wall!

MAGIC! Haha. I love easy little hacks.

All hung and ready for curtains!

NOW! Lets get these curtains handled! I bought these on Amazon, I have purchased 10 panels, I LOVE THEM! They have a slight wrinkle to them, so they have the appearance of a very light flowy linen without the hefty price tag that comes with it! These do vary in price on Amazon, and most recently, they also had an order limit of 4, so plan accordingly if you plan to use these panels and need more than 4, the order limit is per month, I think... I was able to order 2 more panels a month or so later, so don't quote me on that! You will ideally need 2 panels for large windows, I did use only one on the smaller side windows in my bay window of my kitchen and i still love the look with just a single panel, for reference these smaller windows (photo later in this post) are 27' wide.

I used cotton yarn in white, I cut a 16 inch piece, and threaded both ends through the needle, leaving a loop on one side and 2 ends on the other.

about 1/2 inch down from the top of the curtain, pull both ends through the fabric, you want the loop on the back side of the curtain and the two loose ends in the front. I do 5 loops per curtain, since I have 5 hooks per window, if you have more you'll want a loop per hook! This curtain panel is 50 inches wide, so adding 5 loops is so easy, one on each end, fold in half, one in the middle, fold in half again and put one at the fold of either side of that half... I hope that makes since in writing...

Soooo... looking at it here, I have the loops from each end and the middle folded together, that gives 2 layers on the right side in this photo, you'll need a loop for each layer on that folded edge there, just pay careful attention that the loop is to the back side of the curtain.

To finish off the tabs, tie a cute little bow! Just a simple bow just like on your shoelaces, nothing too fancy here! I love the simplicity it offers, yet also the softness it adds to a more rustic, industrial hanger. I leave about 1/2 inch of loop hanging past the top of the curtain on the back side.

Sweet and simple!

To hang, just hook the loop on each hook and swag to the side! I like to cross the curtains in the front but this is obviously optional!

I hope you liked this tutorial! Hope you all are staying healthy!! Until next time! Happy Crafting!

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  • Lisa Lisa on Apr 20, 2022

    I love this idea. So pretty. Can you provide the link to the curtain? Is it the Erica crushed texture voile or the Jasmine Linen? Or neither? Thanks so much for your help. Beautiful job!

  • Linda Linda on Feb 04, 2023

    What did you use for the valances?

  • Claire Laurain Claire Laurain on Dec 22, 2023

    Love this & thank you for sharing!

    But you also made me curious abt what i missed last year! Could u possibly give us a link to see that project? Maybe when u mention it, at the beginning of this post? (Here: ‘…Last year I did a similar style of curtains in my master bathroom…’)


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