1. Bathroom Closet Organization Hack for Life

Take some wire shelves, cut them in half, and throw on some zap-straps for this neat bathroom closet hack. For this project, Tara wanted a simple-yet-effective way to organize her sheets. We think this idea is fantastic because it takes minutes to implement and, in turn, creates almost invisible divides between your stored items. Get tutorial here

2. Stylish Bathroom Linen Closet

Check out this fantastic bathroom closet upgrade from Christina Addie. The beauty of this project is that it turns an otherwise drab wall with a toilet into a feature wall. For us, the industrial look created by the steel pipes and grey slate tiles is truly impressive. What’s more, the shelves are an ideal way to store linen. Get tutorial here

3. Miniature Bathroom Closet Ideas

Being short on space doesn’t mean you have to be short on bathroom closet ideas. Resizing wire shelves to fit your closet is great, but this project caught our eye because of its backdrop. By cutting wallpaper and sticking it with thumbtacks, you can give your closet some added character. The mason jars and trays are the perfect finishing touches.  Get tutorial here

4. Instant Bathroom Closet Shelving Revamp

Want a way to revamp your bathroom closet in less than an hour? Even if it takes you a little longer, this quick fix from Hometalker Brittany is an ideal solution. By simply replacing wire shelves with wooden ones, she’s created a bold new look that’s as sturdy and practical as it is attractive. Get tutorial here

5. The Pandora’s Box of Bathroom Closet Storage

We love simplicity, and this storage solution from Dagmar’s Home is that and more. After stocking up on IKEA boxes, all she needed to do was fill them with loose items, stack them in place, and fill the gaps with folded linen. As well as lining the boxes up along one side for a neat look, we love the addition of a door hook for extra hanging space. Get tutorial here

6. Boxes and Wires for Brilliant Organization

Going from a complete eyesore to a neat closet takes nothing more than wire dividers and boxes. We love this project for two reasons. Firstly, all you have to do is cover the shelves, insert the dividers, and slide in some boxes. Secondly, the variety of organizational methods creates a unique look that’s also perfect for storing different items. Get tutorial here

7. Antique Bathroom Closet Shelving

Hometalker Linda wanted the perfect bathroom closet, which is why she did some research before she started. For this project, she noticed her choices were gravitating towards neutral colors. Working with this, she found wicker baskets and antique crockpots to complete what we think is a stylish, antique look. Get tutorial here

8. Bathroom Linen Closet – Grouping is Key

The key to organizing your bathroom linen closet is grouping, according to TheHoneycombHome. Starting at the top, she used a three-drawer bin to store smaller items like razors. Moving down, towels, toilet rolls, and electrical items are all given their own place. This layout is easy on the eye as you don’t have to decipher a myriad of mixed items. Get tutorial here

9. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Towel

This pretty bathroom linen closet gets its charm from the interplay between its hard-ware and soft-ware. In practice, the grey background not only looks great but allowed Deb to create a bold contrast with her towels. The trick here is to separate white and grey towels, then use the former as highlight points. Perfect. Get tutorial here

10. Beyond Bathroom Closet Organization

We love the idea of organizing your bathroom closet using baskets, dividers, and shelves. However, what this project demonstrates is the importance of going beyond the basics. To give her closet a cozy look, Beneath My Heart added a lamp to the top shelf. Keeping with the rustic look, this lamp brings light and warmth to a neatly organized space. Get tutorial here

11. Build Your Own Bathroom Linen Closet

To build your own bathroom closet, screw two wooden supports to an end wall. Screw another beam to the floor to create a frame. From there, add three additional supports that allow you to screw crossbeams into place across the back wall. Finally, box in the frame using plasterboard, paint, and insert your linen. Get tutorial here

12. Basic but Colorful Bathroom Closet Shelving

For this project, Katie wanted an easy way to organize her closet and add a touch of color. Like some other Hometalkers, she added wallpaper to the back wall to turn an otherwise dull space into a vibrant feature. Finally, to ensure the wallpaper remains visible, Katie used boxes to store her stuff. Simple! Get tutorial here

13. From Cabinet to Linen Closet

We love this cabinet conversion and, thanks to Hometalker Dawn, it’s an easy makeover you can try. To start, strip back an old cabinet by removing any glass inserts and sanding. Next, paint with thin varnish to give your cabinet a rustic look. Finally, use pins to fix chicken wire to the doors, and add a basket for extra storage space. Get tutorial here

14. Easy Access Bathroom Linen Closet

If you don’t have materials, don’t worry. Hometalker Ashley has a four-step way to create an easy-access closet without any extras. To start, remove all the items and group them according to type. Next, fold towels and linen to the same dimensions and stack items from small to large. Finally, label the shelves so everyone knows where to store stuff! Get tutorial here

15. The One-Hour Bathroom Closet Fix

Time can be the enemy when you’re trying to organize a bathroom closet. Have too much of it and you can flip flop on what to keep and what to throw away. For this makeover, Diane and Dean gave themselves 60 minutes. The key to success is giving yourself 20 minutes to decide what to keep and another 20 minutes to organize. Simple! Get tutorial here

16. Go Wide for Narrow Closet Organization

With a shallow bathroom cabinet, the key to success is turning storage boxes width-ways. In other words, have the long side of each box facing forward. That’s a fairly obvious fix. However, what we like about this project from Sabrina is that she left strategic gaps between the boxes to give the illusion of more space. Get tutorial here