DIY Living Room Curtain Ideas

Don't underestimate the importance of curtains in your living room, but how do you pick the right ones? What length is best for your space? Which color or pattern will complement the rest of your decor? Ask your questions here or participate in the discussions happening on our discussion board. Check out our projects, we have lots to offer!

How to Make Your Curtains Fit
Measure twice, cut once
Measure your curtain drop at least twice. Make sure the length reaches the necessary level before fixing your rail and hanging the curtains.
Curtains and walls should match
Curtain colors should complement your walls. First, match the tone. Second, aim to use a different shade than the main wall color.
Customize your curtains with ease
Secure your curtains to a board. Use a roller and a stencil to apply a 2:1 mix of paint and fabric medium to create an impressive custom look.
Ditch stitches with no-sew curtains
For a custom look, use Heat N Bond adhesive hemming tape to combine fabric scarves. Iron flat and use as many scarves as needed for your drop.
Swap blinds for curtains
Replace blinds with curtains using drapery hooks. Removing the blinds, glue hooks to the top of your curtains and hang from the existing clips.
Top Projects for Living Room Curtains

Are you ready to see the top DIY living room curtain projects on Hometalk? Enjoy.

Living Room Curtain Videos

DIY video tutorials on how to make your own living room curtains. Go on in.

DIY Nautical Curtain Tie Backs Monkey Fist Knot

In this tutorial we'll create DIY monkey fist from ordinary cotton rope and use it as a decorative knot. Now you know how to craft a fabuluos low cost interior decoration!

How to Hang Curtains to Conceal Vertical Blinds

I'm always looking for ways to get rid of vertical blinds or camouflage them. But when you live in a rental apartment or in a condo where you're not allowed to remove them, it can get a bit tricky, especially if you can't drill holes in the walls to hang a curtain rod. Turns out that there's a super easy way to hang a curtain rod on the existing vertical blind track!

Drapes Too Short? Try This DIY Trick to Make Them Longer

Love store bought drapes but the length is too short. Don't worry try this trick to add length and style and give them a custom look. Simple sewing skills are all you need.

How to Replace Vertical Blinds With Curtains in Minutes

I'm not a fan of vertical blinds and they were everywhere in my LA apartment when I moved in. Since I'm a renter, I wanted an easy way to replace them with curtains, and after trying a few different things, it turns out drapery hooks were the answer!

New Living Room Curtain Projects

We have new projects for DIY living room curtains here. Find your inspiration.

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