DIY Living Room Lighting Ideas

New to living room lighting and don't know where to start? Hometalk can help. We'll cover all the topics including light bulbs, finishes, length, and more. Check out the discussion boards, slideshows, projects, and you can even go ask a question. We can't wait to see what you choose to illuminate your space.

Light Up Your Living Room
Sync light and space
Consider the size and layout of a room. Large rooms benefit from more lights with less power. Smaller rooms suit single, bright lights.
Even out your lighting
Try not to cluster lights. If you have one central bulb, position floor lamps in each corner to even out the distribution of light.
What’s the mood of your room?
Match your lights to the mood of the room. Ambient lighting provides general illumination while task lighting is brighter and more focused.
Layer up your lights
Floor and table lamps need to complement your main lights. Work in a top-down fashion to ensure your ceiling lights don’t overpower lamps.
Dare to dim your lights
Dimmer switches can help you find the right light for every occasion. Only install switches with the help of a professional electrician.
Top Projects for Living Room Lighting

Here are our top DIY living room lighting projects. Illuminate your space!