DIY Living Room Fireplace & Mantel Ideas

Are you interested in changing up your fireplace or mantel? We will get you started here with all the hacks you'll need to know. Be inspired by new projects, join the discussion board, and ask a question. You can even check out a slideshow on fireplaces and mantels. Go on in and check it out!

A Hot New Look for Your Room

Position is paramount

Position your fireplace according to the size of your wall. For small walls, center it. For larger walls, an off-center approach looks modern.

Mantels can meld multiple materials

Spice up your fireplace with a multi-material mantel. Combine old bricks, rustic woods, and stone for a unique look.

Make a mantel from faux wood

Glue crown molding to faux wood and fill the gaps with Styrofoam before varnishing to create an authentic-looking mantel.

Remove the mantel for a sleek look

You don’t always need a mantel. Remove your old mantel for a modern, minimalist look. Make the fire flush with your walls for a sleek finish.

Don’t sacrifice style for safety

Never place flammable objects too close to your fireplace. Take note of the structure of your room and position the fireplace accordingly.

Top Projects for Living Room Fireplaces & Mantels

Visit our top DIY fireplace and mantel projects and revamp your living room.

Living Room Fireplace & Mantel Videos

Here you'll find video tutorials on DIY fireplaces and mantels. Check them out.

German Schmear Fireplace Makeover

Have a dark fireplace that needs a fresh new look? We caught an episode of Fixer Upper a few weeks ago where they did a gorgeous German mortar schmear on all of the old outdated brick in the house. Since we saw that, I haven't been able to get this trend out of my mind!Are you in love, too? Here's how to get a Chip and Joanna-approved makeover in no time! Check out the video if you'd like to follow along with us!

Brick Fireplace Makeover - Going White!

Let's face it...white is in!Whether your style is modern, farmhouse, French country, traditional or shabby chic, white is a great way to lighten your space.Many times it's just white paint with existing decor that will completely change the design and style of the space. White is airy, pure and breathes freshness into a space.Take a look at how we changed living rooms by simply painting the fireplace white.Prep and clean the surface of red brick.

Updated Fireplace

A friend of mine was redecorating her house and the fireplace really needed to be updated.

Fireplace Renovation

We recently purchased property in Virginia with a small farmhouse cottage (832 sq. ft.) as a vacation home for us. The home was built in the 1940's, while in good repair - needed lots of cosmetic updates. The tiny living room contained this very large brick fireplace that someone had mortared round river rocks on it. While the rocks are pretty, but we wanted to bring the fireplace back to brick - to update the room and gain space. We also soon found out that the rocks were unsafe, many of them were loose and falling off - as well as hiding places for bugs and spiders!

New Living Room Fireplace & Mantel Projects

Looking for new ideas for your fireplace or mantel? Peruse our collection here.

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