Staining Your Mantel a Darker Color Can Hide Dated “Orange” Mantels

Does your fireplace mantel look a dated orange color? Discover what a little paint and stain can do. This Hometalker completed a fireplace remodel in just three simple steps. Firstly, they stained the mantel a darker, richer brown. Secondly, they spray-painted the brass fireplace, and lastly, they watered down a mix of wall and trim paint to whitewash the bricks to give them a lift. Get tutorial here

This Fireplace Remodel Took Just Three Hours

If you’re somewhat daunted by the idea of a DIY fireplace remodel, check out this three-hour makeover. Instead of "going big or going home", this Hometalker spent just three hours remodeling their fireplace surround. The faux pink marble that greeted this Hometalker on moving in was somewhat garish. Fortunately, she knew instantly what she wanted to do with it. These black stone tiles added much-needed depth and texture, looking almost like a floor to ceiling brick fireplace. Get tutorial here

A Lick of Paint on a Bricked Fireplace Gives Farmhouse Inspiration

Using less than 8 oz of gray paint and 70 minutes of their time, this Hometalker repainted her brick fireplace. Although this Hometalker enjoyed their 1974 ranch-style fireplace for many years, they simply felt it was time to give it a DIY fireplace makeover. After vacuuming all of the brickwork surround, she painted the grout lines with Alamo White paint. The brickwork was then painted a warm gray before the mantel was repainted and distressed to create a new inviting focal point. Get tutorial here

This Rewarding Brick Fireplace Remodel Required Just Half-Paint, Half-Water

This Hometalker did something similar with her floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace, drastically changing its color. Using only Valspar white flat paint, she blended a mixture of half-paint, half-water and brushed it onto each brick before wiping with a t-shirt cloth until she achieved the shade of gray she wanted. The light, bright brickwork certainly helps to make the living area more open and inviting. Get tutorial here

Suffering with a Wonky Mantel? Check Out This Fireplace Hack

When this Hometalker went for a DIY fireplace remodel, the wonky mantel was the only original piece retained. Although the mantel was wonky, it was the right size and shape for the living area. It just needed some fresh, contemporary lines to give it a new lease of life. This Hometalker fitted a gorgeous architrave architectural molding underneath the mantel to create the clean, crisp lines that she was looking for. Get tutorial here

Renovate a Tired Brick Fireplace with Vibrant Mosaic Tiles

If you’re considering re-tiling an old brick fireplace, check out this Hometalker’s recent installation. During the demolition of the old tiling, their fireplace brickwork surround had started to crumble from the mortar. To smooth the surface of the brickwork, this Hometalker vacuumed the surface before placing a thin layer of mortar over all the cracks and grooves so that the contemporary tiling could begin. Get tutorial here

Stylish, Contemporary Fireplace Makeovers Without a Mantel

Do you want to your fireplace remodel to become a decorative centerpiece in your family home? The Best of Hometalk section has a host of cozy fireplace installations that can add contemporary style to any room. The picture above demonstrates how effective glossy black fireplace surrounds can be, regardless of the rest of a room’s color scheme. The green textured wall also offers a striking contrast that this room thrives off. Get tutorial here

How Stained Wood Can Transform an Old Brick Fireplace Surround

This straightforward fireplace remodel saw stained neutral wood replace a tired brickwork surround. This Hometalker wanted to tackle the fireplace remodel before their new carpets were installed. After creating battens using $2 wood strips, they fitted slate tiling to the bottom of the fireplace surround. They then purchased 60 pieces of pine, with three different sizes. Using six different stains, they created a very rustic mosaic-meets-subway tile effect. Get tutorial here

DIY Fireplace Makeover in a Vintage Style

This Hometalker revitalized a 1980’s-style fireplace with rustic, barn charm, adding texture and visual interest. Using only a rusty, old tin roof and a traditional piece of barn wood, this Hometalker added a healthy dose of character to her fireplace remodel project. The barn wood created a new, rustic mantel, while the weathered piece of tin roofing was fitted to the blank wall above the fireplace to accentuate features such as the Roman numeral clock. Get tutorial here

This Two-Hour Fireplace Makeover Helped the Stone Fireplace to Blend In

Does your new place suffer from an ugly stone fireplace? Check out this DIY fireplace makeover! This Hometalker purchased a property with a huge stone fireplace. At first, it felt like a nice feature, but over time it became less in keeping with the homeowner’s style and personal taste. They eventually plucked up the courage to whitewash their fireplace, transforming the rest of the living room within a single morning. Get tutorial here

Fitting Fresh Wood Planks Reinvigorated This Bedroom Fireplace

If you’re fortunate enough to have period charm such as a fireplace in your bedroom, this remodel could be for you. This Hometalker’s fireplace in her master bedroom was beginning to look dated and unloved. The garish green surround of the fireplace did little for its character. They replaced the surround with fresh wood planks that were stained, painted, and distressed for a really authentic finish. They recommend painting the planks before fixing them to the wall. Get tutorial here

Discover How Easy the Switchover from Wood to Gas Can Be

This project underlines the value of a trusted contractor in making your fireplace makeover ideas a reality. This Hometalker’s previous wood-burning fireplace stuck out into the living room like a sore thumb. In fact, it took up as much as two feet of space. With the aid of a contractor, they eventually ripped it out and replaced it with a wall-mounted gas insert. The raised platform, built by the contractor, helped make the gas flames more visible. Get tutorial here

How a Stencil Can Turn a Bland Marble Fireplace Surround into a Focal Point

If you have a bland marble stone fireplace façade, a stencil such as this can make a world of difference. This Hometalker is a great believer in using her fireplace and mantel to incorporate seasonality into her home’s interior décor. She was looking to create a cozy fall feel and opted for a stenciled faux-tile fireplace remodel using chalk paint - and a bucketload of patience! Get tutorial here

This Brass Fireplace Surround Has Been Brought Up to Scratch

Phase one of this Hometalker’s DIY fireplace makeover was to spray paint their old brass fireplace surround. To update her surround and keep her fireplace remodel cost down, she used Rustoleum High Heat spray paint to de-brass the entire fireplace surround. Its new dark grey/charcoal appearance adds a contemporary touch to this very traditional fireplace. That’s without painting the brickwork, which is all part of this Hometalker’s Phase Two masterplan! Get tutorial here

This is How to Handle an Antique Fireplace Mantel

This Hometalker recently moved into a charming 1908 farmhouse, which had a dated antique fireplace. The feature suffered from having too much dark wood, which made the surrounding living space appear small and cramped. This Hometalker opted to undertake her own DIY fireplace makeover by re-staining the fireplace and then painting it a calming white using Miss Mustard Seed milk paint. The result is a bright, airy living space with a welcoming fireplace feature. Get tutorial here

Repainting the Grout of This Fireplace Surround Adds Fresh Definition

This Hometalker took it upon herself to repaint the grout on her brickwork fireplace surround. She opted to paint the brickwork grout white to accentuate the feature of the bricks and provide another way for natural light to bounce around the living room. Despite the painting process being somewhat tedious, it is time well spent to turn this dark, uninviting living area into a brighter, charismatic space. Get tutorial here