designer wallpaper inspired patterns using stencils

Designer Wallpaper Inspired Patterns Using Stencils

How To Stencil Anthropologie Wallpaper with StencilsWant the designer look without paying the...

everything you need to stencil your tile floors for less

Everything You Need to Stencil Your Tile Floors For Less

To our Cutting Edge Stencils fans, welcome back! We have the biggest blog post of the year for you...

stenciled color secrets unlocked, painting, Cutting Edge Shares the psychology of color based on how color makes your home feel and tips for choosing a stencil color

Stenciled Color Secrets Unlocked

Cutting Edge Stencils Shares Tips for Using Color Psychology In A Home
Good morning, my color

how to stencil a trendy dark floral wall

How to Stencil a Trendy Dark Floral Wall

Floral Stencils Create Trendy Accent WallHello fellow stenciler’s and DIY fanatics! This stenciled...

diy tablecloth craft using christmas stencils

DIY Tablecloth Craft Using Christmas Stencils

Fabric Stencil Project with Christmas StencilsHappy Holidays to all Cutting Edge Stencils fans! It...

a closet makeover using the fish school stencil, closet, organizing, painting

A Closet Makeover Using the Fish School Stencil

Paint a Stencil Pattern Inside Your Closet for A Fun Surprise!
Good morning, my DIY friends! Did

a floral watercolor wallpaper hack using reusable stencils

A Floral Watercolor Wallpaper Hack Using Reusable Stencils

DIY Watercolor Accent Wall using Floral StencilsWelcome back, our crafty Cutting Edge Stencils fans!...

two tile stencils for one trendy floor pattern

Two Tile Stencils for One Trendy Floor Pattern

DIY Trendy Floor with Two Tile StencilsHello, my lovely Cutting Edge Stencils fans! Are you having a...

how to stencil a metallic tile accent wall

How To Stencil a Metallic Tile Accent Wall

DIY Accent Wall Using Tile Stencil PatternsHappy November, Cutting Edge Stencil fans! With cement...

how to stencil a mandala side table in under an hour

How To Stencil A Mandala Side Table In Under an Hour

Hello again! Looking for a way to spruce up your Ikea side table? Why not try a mandala stencil!...

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