Paint a strong contrast color

Strange as it seems, painting your fireplace a block of color (even grey) brightens the area. Get tutorial here

Lay sparkling tile over rough red brick

Red brick can look outdated and dull, so if you're ready for a fresh, new look, tile over it! Get tutorial here

Spray paint the brass lining for a new pop

Brass details tend to age a fireplace, but stray painting them dark lets a bright border pop. Get tutorial here

Paint outdated brick with a wash of grey

Slap a new, softer hue on those burnt bricks and rejuvenate your fireplace. Get tutorial here

Make your own wainscotting with scraps

Panel over your fireplace with white planks of wood - hello, airy and fresh! Get tutorial here

Cover a dark surface with light pallet planks

Covering your fireplace is white isn't the only way to brighten it. Add a layer of pallet wood. Get tutorial here

Whitewash a brick or wood surface

Water down some white paint for a softer, lightly washed look. Get tutorial here

Lay drywall for a brighter fresher look

If you're finding your surface impossible to refresh, cover it in drywall and start new. Get tutorial here

Put up a glimmering wall of pennies

This one is a bit more labor intensive, but look at that pop! Coat the wall and stoop in pennies. Get tutorial here

Lay tiny bright tiles over large ugly ones

Retile over a darker look you don't absolutely love. Get tutorial here

Accent just one part with white paint

Even touching up just one aspect of your fireplace can brighten the whole thing overall! Get tutorial here