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Dianne Leonetti
by Dianne Leonetti
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We wanted to make this circa 2005 plain vanilla fireplace an interesting focal point on an otherwise long, boring wall in our condo.
I found the wood molding boards at the Habitat Restore, where I volunteer. They are each bevel edged, 6 inches wide and cut to 72 inches long. Total cost, $50!!
We started by removing the original ceramic tiles and wood trim. Then we proceeded to box in the original white wood floating mantel with 3 rough cut 1 by 8 boards from Home Depot and then cut end caps cut to fill in the ends. I used chalk paint and stain to make the mantel look just like an old barn beam!!! We have not painted or stained the wood yet, leaving it natural until we decide how we want it to look. Any suggestions?
Wallah!! Loving the new look that has modernized our home.
We removed the ceramic tiles a wood trim, leaving the white wood mantel intact.
We boxed the original mantel in using 3 rough cut 1 by 8s and custom cut end caps to make it look like an old barn beam.
The mantel was painted and stained to make the wood look old and distressed. Then we started nailing up the 72 inch beveled edged molding pieces. The tv bracket and wiring to the room behind it was added before completing the wood up to the peak of the cathedral ceiling.
The hard part was done. All we need to do is the lower portion.
View from the front.
Suggested materials:
  • Wood trim   (Habitat for Humanity RESTORE)
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  • Lou Ann Jones Lou Ann Jones on Jan 02, 2018

    Won’t the heat from the fire place harm the TV‘s preformance

  • Raquel Hamilton Dishman Raquel Hamilton Dishman on Jan 15, 2018

    Is there a minimum distance that combustable materials must be from the opening of the fireplace?

  • Kennedy Ford Kennedy Ford on Jan 20, 2018

    I’m desperately wanting to do something like this over our fireplace. We don’t use ours so we don’t have any proble with heat.

    Is it very hard running the wires above the fireplace and I have a blue ray player, Xbox 1, and cable modem that have to be hooked to the tv. Any ideas on how to hide and hook such a mess up?

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  • Sonja Alcock Sonja Alcock on Jan 03, 2018

    Must add here.....this can be done because it is not a real fireplace. Meaning no flames (hopefully), for if there are flames this is totally against the building code. Even if it is propane, it still requires non-combustable surface area. SO this only works on an electric fireplace. Just warning others out there that feel that they can do this with their actual fireplace.

    I know this because my husband and I are builders/renovators and have had to explain this concept to many clients.

  • Lynne Henry Courtney Lynne Henry Courtney on Jan 15, 2018

    Just two comments:

    1. It looks great - it really transformed the room!

    2. The expression is "Voila", from the French, meaning "There it is". :-)