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Master bedrooms are often forgotten about amidst the flurry of remodeling the rest of a home. Kitchens and bathrooms oftentimes take priority followed by living rooms and playrooms. It’s time we all paid attention to our master bedrooms and created a comfortable and beautiful room for ourselves.

Master Bedroom Ideas (pixabay)

The good news is that master bedroom makeovers can be very inexpensive since there aren’t sinks, cabinets, and appliances to purchase. Thrift shopping and a little DIY can result in a stunning room on a small budget. The master bedroom design options are endless, so you are sure to find a design style you love. Master bedroom decorating ideas are also endless, giving you countless small DIY projects to add unique elements to your room. Here you’ll find inspiration to get you started on creating your dream master bedroom!

Master Bedroom Designs

From rustic to modern, your master bedroom can be tailored to fit your exact design preferences. Explore these various master bedroom design styles to identify which style might best fit your taste. Then get started designing and DIYing!

1) Rustic Master Bedroom

This rustic master bedroom design is breathtaking. The ceiling height of the rustic wood headboard makes a strong statement in this room, adding height and drama to the room. This Hometalker added an outdoorsy feel to the room with details including antler wall décor, woodland animal bedding and more. The brown, black and mustard colors work together nicely for a deep rustic feel to the room.

Rustic Bedroom Ideas (Lizmarieblog.com)

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2) Playful Vintage Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is truly colorful and cheerful in a vintage-inspired way. The headboard adds a playful eye-catching element to the room while the unique side table lamp adds an industrial vintage tone. The gallery wall including various artwork, an empty frame and gold antlers fits in nicely with the vintage, eclectic feel of the room. The pastel colors throughout the room tie it together nicely in a seamless and cheerful way. This is truly a unique and playful option for a master bedroom.

Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas (Shannon Churchill)

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3) Farmhouse-Style Master Bedroom

This farmhouse-style master bedroom design is simple yet stunning. The shiplap around the entire room brightens the space while solidifying the farmhouse-style of the room. The rustic chandelier and faux fireplace add interesting elements to the room, catching your eye and making you really look at the details of the room. For all the lovers of farmhouse style out there these days, this master bedroom might be perfect for you!

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Decor Ideas (Sara)

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4) Dreamy Coastal Master Bedroom

This dreamy coastal master bedroom truly feels like a calming getaway. The unique square board and batten wall treatment brighten and add texture to the room. The $20 DIY headboard looks professionally made and fits in well with the light and airy colors in the room. The ruffled bedding adds a soft texture to the room, giving it an even dreamier feel. This master bedroom design is perfect for those looking for a light and dreamy style.

Coastal Bedroom Decor Ideas (Thrifty and Chic)

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5) Modern Luxurious Master Bedroom

A dark wall and gold accents make this room feel modern and luxurious. If this is the look you are going for, consider using Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams for your master bedroom paint color. This paint color adds drama and depth to the room. This Hometalker created this gorgeous headboard, saving herself hundreds of dollars. The chandelier really enhances the luxurious feel of the room and matches well with the gold wall décor. Altogether, this room has the feeling of a luxurious hotel room.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas (The Blooming Hydrangea)

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6) Shabby Chic Master Bedroom

This shabby chic bedroom features a gorgeous stenciled wall, painted and distressed furniture and a beautiful upholstered bed. It’s time-consuming to stencil an entire wall but the final look is well worth it! Also, stenciling is much easier to change in the future than wallpaper, which is often difficult to remove. This Hometalker refinished the dresser and nightstands using milk paint and chalk paint, giving them a beautiful distressed look. The large upholstered bed completes the cozy, shabby chic look of the room.

Bedroom Ideas (Melody)

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7) Eclectic Cottage Master Bedroom

A beautiful vintage print gallery wall and colorful accents make this room really come together, creating a stunning eclectic cottage look. The gallery wall features a wide variety of prints and objects. The light blue side tables are unique yet match the bedding and lamps, ensuring a seamless yet eclectic color palette. A wide variety of throw pillows add dimension and varying textures to the room. This room is a perfect example of how eclectic can still be coordinated and gorgeous!

Eclectic Master Bedroom Ideas (Kimberly Noelle)

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8) Traditional & Comfortable Master Bedroom

The fabric is the key to this traditional and comfortable master bedroom. The curtains, throw pillows, wall monogram and headboard were all handmade. Making your own fabric items for your master bedroom provides you with a much broader array of options for color and pattern than if you simply purchased them. The lamp shades weren’t quite the right color for the room so this Hometalker painted them with chalk paint to give them the perfect look. Master bedroom paint colors can be difficult to choose but this soft gray “Quiet Moments” color is perfect. All put together, this room is traditional, calming and comfortable in the best possible way.

Bedroom Decor Ideas (MagnoliaMommyMade)

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9) Modern Gray & Orange Master Bedroom

How often do you see gray paired with orange? Probably not very often! However, this color palette is perfect for this striking modern master bedroom. The wall behind the bed has a decal on it, adding texture and interest to the room. A decal is yet another option for walls amidst the many options of paint, wallpaper, stencils and more. The striking orange pillows tie in well with the painting and throw pillows, all adding color and personality to the room. Adding pops of bright colors is a great small master bedroom idea since it can draw your eyes away from the size of the room towards the pops of color instead.

Modern Master Bedroom (Organizing Made Fun-Becky Barnfather)

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10) Coastal Country Master Bedroom

This coastal country master bedroom brings together soft white and gray colors with deep blue bedding to create a gorgeous custom look. This Hometalker created the sign above the bed for less than $20! The refinished bedside tables fit in well with the soft, dreamy feel of the room. The deep blue bedding with coral and light blue designs makes a statement in an otherwise soft and dreamy room.

Country Master Bedroom Ideas (Brian & Kaylor)

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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

In addition to choosing your perfect design style for your master bedroom, there are also countless fun DIY projects to add unique elements to your room. These unique DIY projects can be great small master bedroom ideas since they often fit well in small spaces. Here are a few options from chalkboard faux fireplaces to vintage doors.

11) Chalkboard Faux Fireplace

Faux fireplace mantles are quite popular right now but here is a unique twist on that trend – a chalkboard faux fireplace! This Hometalker started with a fireplace mantle purchased from a flea market. She painted it, leaving it fairly rustic like it was when she purchased it. She then added the chalkboard paint and had help drawing the fireplace on the chalkboard. This project is both innovative and charming for a master bedroom.

Bedroom Fireplace Ideas (Sophia’s – Live Beautifully)

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12) Embroidery Hoop Art

Combine fabric and embroidery hoops to create some unique master bedroom décor. It’s a simple and quick project. In the end, you will have wall décor tailored specifically to your master bedroom style and even better, made by you to enjoy!

Bedroom Decor (Melody)

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13) Rustic & Glam Full-Size Mirror

Full-size mirrors with chunky wood frames can be very expensive. A great inexpensive alternative is to find a cheap mirror at a flea market or thrift store and add your own frame. This Hometalker used barn wood siding for the frame, giving it a rustic and glam look. Full-size mirrors are great additions to master bedrooms not only because of how great they look but also because they are so functional. 

Small Master Bedroom Ideas (Doreen Cagno)

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14) Vintage Doors

A great way to add character to your master bedroom is to add vintage sliding doors. These rustic white vintage doors are bursting with character. They add an unexpected element to this bedroom. When choosing the right door style for you, consider how functional you need the doors to be while also considering your personal design preference. 

Barn Door Ideas (Brian & Kaylor)

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15) Painted Master Bedroom Furniture

Oftentimes the most expensive part of a master bedroom remodel is the furniture. You can save a lot of money and still have great-looking furniture by painting your old furniture. This Hometalker painted these pieces of furniture black and added new hardware, completely changing their look. Before buying new furniture, consider how you might update your current furniture’s look with some paint and new hardware.

Master Bedroom Furniture (How to Nest for Less - Erin)

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16) Painted Wicker Chair

Unique accent chairs can be a great addition to a master bedroom. They add variety and character since many master bedrooms only have the standard furniture items including a bed, dresser, and nightstands. Thrift stores are great places to find unique accent chairs that you can repurpose with a little DIY effort. This wicker peacock chair was purchased at a thrift store and spray painted white. With the addition of some accent pillows, it looks great in the corner of this master bedroom.

Painted Bedroom Furniture Ideas (Doreen Cagno)

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17) Printed Artwork

When looking for the perfect piece of master bedroom decor, don’t forget to consider artwork that you can purchase online and print out at a local store that offers printing services. This blue watercolor print was purchased on Etsy, printed at Walgreens and framed. This is a great solution for those looking for wall décor options that fit within a tight budget.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas (Project Allen Designs)

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18) DIY Sweater Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can add a lot of style to a master bedroom. They can further enhance and align with the color palette already present in the room or they can add pops of color to a room. Unfortunately, small throw pillows can often be costly. Fortunately, there are so many DIY options like these DIY sweater throw pillows. These sweater pillows complement the gray color palette of the room and add texture to the room as well.

Master Bedroom Pillow Ideas (Anni | Whose Idea Was It To Buy This House)

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Are you feeling inspired to redo your master bedroom? It’s really one of the easiest rooms in your house to redo. Furthermore, it’s normally less expensive to redo than other rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. Before you get started, make sure you have a solid vision of what you want your master bedroom to look like. Decide on your overall master bedroom design style. Then decide on what unique master bedroom decorating ideas you are going to incorporate. Are you going to make DIY embroidery hoop wall art? Are you going to create a chalkboard faux fireplace? What’s going to make your master bedroom stand out and be a place you truly love? Whatever your dream master bedroom vision is, there’s plenty of DIY projects to help you make it happen! If you get stuck along the way, simply look to Hometalk for ideas and inspiration!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Mary| That Crazy Look

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