A dramatic focal point for your bedroom

Make a large-scale statement, with a textured headboard frame and a dark display shelf for artwork. Get tutorial here

A place to show your love for mason jars

This intricate decor will bring the focus of your room toward the head of your bed. Get tutorial here

A homemade sunflower mirror

These were made with fan blades, but almost anything works for the petals. Get tutorial here

A way to bring out your headboard

The wooden white empty frames emphasizes the distressed wooden headboard. Get tutorial here

Some unique 3D art

You rarely see something like blinged-out antlers, but it works really well. Get tutorial here

A place for your wrought iron hanging

If you have something that you’ve been waiting to hang up, above the bed is a perfect place to do it. Get tutorial here

A colorful collage of words and pictures

The clipboards and hangers mean you can change up your room without any hassle. Get tutorial here

Letters of love made out of pallet wood

These look incredible and would especially look great over a headboard. Get tutorial here